Today’s highly interesting read (07/16/20) Could you take a week off from social media?

I have no qualms whatsoever about people disagreeing with my views. In my line of work during most of my career I faced the possibility every day and dealt with it.

I recognize that ever since I was thrust into a role of offering opinions on the air and now in print, not everyone will always agree. Where I draw the line is being called a liar. For decades I’ve built a career on reporting the truth. The opinions I used to broadcast and now write about are based on research I’ve conducted and experiences I’ve had that have helped me form those views.

Back in 2007 when I started blogging, talk show host and author Dennis Prager wrote a column about his view that Internet anonymity is just as destructive as Internet porn. Prager wrote,  in part:

“There is something at least as awful — and arguably more destructive — that permeates the Internet: the lies, vitriol, obscenities and ad hominem attacks made by anonymous individuals on almost every website that deals with public issues.

Being identifiable breeds responsibility; anonymity breeds irresponsibility.”

I urge you to read Prager’s column in its entirety.

Take special note of his last paragraph where Prager offers his own solution about the gutless cowards trolling the web.

Fast forward to today.

Radio talk show host and columnist Derek Hunter poses a compelling challenge pertaining to social media:

These websites, whether responsible or not, have become hubs for the worst parts of human nature. It was always there, but they gave it a home. Now miserable people spend their days hunting for scalps and scrambling to find any way to twist something said into something that can get someone banned, fired or both. It doesn’t matter who the person is or what their politics are anymore–social media is fast becoming a pool of starved, frenzied, cannibalistic piranha. 

Maybe that’s all they’ll ever be, or maybe it’s all some of us are capable of being. But I don’t think so. 

So I propose this to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else is out there that I don’t know about: take a week off. That’s right, take a week. Spend some time with friends or family, or do whatever it is you’d do if you had the time. Shut down for seven days.

Here’s today’s read:

Ask yourself: Could you handle it?



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