Tensions building over masks in schools

Even though WI school districts have had several months to figure out how to address the return to the classrooms they are first now starting to release sketchy details about what schools might look like when they resume operations.

These supposedly learned, knowledgeable folks that run our schools have been as clear as mud, leaving parents filled with worry and apprehension, and rightfully so. Parents have no idea what to expect and fear that final details will come at the last minute, details they more than likely won’t be prepared for, or   be satisfied with.

If Utah is any example, this overall issue, and more specifically masks on the kids, is going to boil over as the summer goes on.

Consider what just happened at a public hearing in Provo Wednesday. People were extremely fed up and let their frustrations pour out. It was beautiful.

God love those people. That’s the way to send a message across, loudly, clearly, and the word that’s all the rage these days: peacefully.

Wanna fight back to school nonsense? Learn from Utah.

One thought on “Tensions building over masks in schools

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