Culinary no-no #660


Like the rest of a fearful America, Milwaukee has caught mask fever. THE ENTIRE LETTER HERE.

One of the businesses that signed onto the letter…

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge is an old favorite. Let’s see. Our daughter is 11 so it’s been at least 12 years since Jennifer and I have paid a visit for one of these.

Bryant’s just reopened  and as you can imagine, there are all kinds of restrictions. Too much if you ask me.

The sizable faction that’s crusading to kill the virus by any means possible, even by trampling on the Constitution, has chosen their whipping boys: bars and restaurants.

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a large article on Page One above the fold: Bars and coronavirus don’t mix. Will Wisconsin’s drinking culture ever be the same? Here’s an excerpt:

The three-month shutdown of restaurants and bars have left Wisconsinites eager to reconnect over drinks.

But the bar scene we’re used to is filled with coronavirus risk factors: crowds, loud talking and singing, long stretches of time spent indoors. Not to mention the fact that even the most well-intentioned people, if they get drunk, may forget or disregard safety precautions designed to stop the spread.

Bars were among the first Wisconsin businesses forced to close in March in an attempt to curb the pandemic. On May 13, the day the state Supreme Court struck down Gov. Tony Evers’ stay-at-home order and allowed businesses re-open, people headed out to reclaim their favorite barstools.

National experts have warned that if cases continue to increase, states may have no choice but to impose another round of stay-at-home orders. 

In a state where the majority of people are drinkers, talk of shuttering taverns again has once again raised debates of health vs. economy. But it also raises questions about Wisconsin’s collective identity.

These days, some people are trying to reclaim that element of Wisconsin’s culture by returning to the taverns. But in almost every corner of the state, the masks, Plexiglas dividers and bottles of hand sanitizer have left bar owners and patrons to wonder: Will it ever be the same?

Meanwhile, the news media continues its constant fear mongering which has been successful in panicking the public.

“Anybody that thinks indoor dining is a solution needs to have their head examined.”

God help these business people and their workers who’ve endured a living Hell for several months.


Of course they want a boycott

NBA players (crybabies?) complaining about quarantine food

Dry skies ahead

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