We’re not gonna take it

PHOTO GALLERY: Scenes from the protest against the Wisconsin Stay At Home Order on Friday, April 24 - The Badger Project

As fear mongering continues with threats of more lockdowns and heavy restrictions (masks for 2-year olds???) it’s refreshing to see and hear folks standing up for themselves passionately, vociferously.  Take for example Tracy Geurts from Manitowoc, Wisconsin who posted on Facebook:

It hasn’t mattered one bit to me what guideline, recommendation, mandate, etc. I firmly believe they have zero power over me to do this. Words, threats, action plans, are meaningless to me. Don’t even know if we have one, or not where I live. I haven’t worn a mask and never will voluntarily put one on. I also do not equate “involuntarily” with following a mandate. I literally mean someone would have to hold me down, put it on me, and then expend time and resources making sure I kept it on. Also, I consider this trend of having to tell our representatives we don’t want a mandatory this or that very disturbing.

And yes. I have put my money and health where my mouth is. I have not returned to work, gotten a haircut, and cancelled all my medical appointments. My belief is if we are not “civilly disobedient” and/or fight off peer pressure now, it truly will spell the end.

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