Franklin could learn a lot from Waterford

On the 4th of July our family made the short drive to Waterford to watch their parade since our community, Franklin, voted to shut down the city on the holiday. Franklin did a big fat zero to celebrate America’s birthday.

What a pleasant experience in Waterford.

The parade started…ON TIME!

For years I’ve hammered on the Franklin officials that run our parade for a complete inability to run it smoothly.  They could mess up a one-car funeral. So imagine how they handle a parade with dozens and dozens and dozens of units.

I’ve lived in Franklin here since 1992 and have yet to see a parade that wasn’t marred by long annoying gaps. Organizers hate the criticism and do absolutely nothing to make corrections.

In Waterford the gaps were about a handful and they weren’t very long at all. How nice and how simple to pull off. I suspect if parades return next year Franklin will continue their unorganized ways, turning a parade in the hot sun and humidity from an hour and change into an hour and a half or more filled with inexcusable delays.

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