If there was any justice this 4th of July…

“The idea sounds almost un-American. The Fourth of July was always a time for communities to come together, daylong celebrations with patriotic parades in the morning and fireworks finales to cap it off. This year, people are being urged to stay home. If they want a show, watch it on TV.”
The Associated Press

America’s birthday party this year will be about as thrilling as a funeral parlor, definitely as quiet. That’s because elected officials and yes, public health directors in communities all across the nation decided it was best if the citizens of the best, strongest, most resilient country on the planet stayed home and anguished in fear. They canceled everything. America shut down. No celebration. No festivities. No nothing.

Here in Franklin, home of the lame, the afraid, those without vision or creativity, the Common Council spent less than 20 minutes at a public meeting before throwing up their hands in surrender style and unanimously proclaiming Independence Day was officially dead in our city. Lifeless. Deceased. Expired. Gone. Lost completely.

They tried so hard to put on an event (I say BS). That group couldn’t wait to get to their special meeting, vote, put a bullet in the horse, adjourn and go home with nary an alternative offered.

Likewise, cities, towns and villages across the US, with very few exceptions, decided to call it quits, throw in the towel. They had their reasons. In Franklin the powers that be didn’t want crowds and actually said out loud they’d prefer not to put pressure on people like the police, as if they couldn’t handle the responsibility. Nice.

The tax money set aside for Franklin’s celebration? What happens to it? No one has said a word so far.

If there was any justice this 4th of July and I ruled the country and I had a magic wand I would decree loudly and proudly that any and all officials who stole Independence Day from captive American citizens longing to emerge from their home prisons to engage with friends and fellow citizens must be quarantined to their own homes for the entire day on the 4th and refrain from partying in any form or fashion. If we can’t celebrate because of you, then you have to suffer as well.

But life isn’t fair.  A colossal bust on the 4th. Just another slap in the face this cruel 2020.



5 thoughts on “If there was any justice this 4th of July…

  1. I’m sure our 2020 Independence Day taxes can be put to good use making City Hall a nicer place to sit around and continue to do nothing. And don’t worry, I’m sure we won’t see a reduction for 2021.


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