My Most Popular Blogs – The month of June 2020

Here are my most popular blogs during the month of June 2020:

1) The most ridiculous letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editor

2) Today’s highly interesting read (06/14/20): Rioters have given Trump a landslide re-election victory

3) Possibly coming to a classroom near you: BLM

4) Today’s highly interesting read (06/10/20): America, We Are Leaving

5) President Trump will lose because…the polls say so!

6) MAGA sightings (06/14/20)

7) Today’s highly interesting read (06/17/20): 10 things public health establishment got wrong about coronavirus

8) Congratulations to Franklin’s Casa di Giorgio!

9) WI Congressman Sensenbrenner calls out police unions and bad cops at House hearing

10) President Trump has been unleashed!

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