Empty rally seats? True, but…

The mainstream media along with social media have had a field day about all those empty seats at Saturday’s Trump rally.

But it wasn’t just the liberal press. The political editor of the conservative site  Townhall.com, Guy Benson, not at all the biggest Trump fan, offered this post-game analysis.

Inside, the crowd was large and fired up, but thousands of empty were visible throughout the BOK Center’s upper deck, in addition to the conspicuously non-crowded arena floor.  For an average political rally, the turnout was strong.  But for a Trump rally, especially one that was hyped and debated for weeks, it was a flop.

So if this was intended to be a morale booster for the principal, as well as a means of generating quasi-convincing talking points about robust enthusiasm in spite of flagging polling numbers,  the rally must be viewed as an embarrassment…  Regardless, it really looks and feels like Trump is in trouble right now.

Benson also wrote, “We’ll see … if millions of online and TV viewers might salvage things a bit.”

Well, they did, and not just a bit.

And that was just FOX News.

One thought on “Empty rally seats? True, but…

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