Week-ends (06/20/20)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Pastor Bill Losasso

Tom Schruben

Kelly Passek


These protesters

Ex-eBay employees


“Any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes who are going to Oklahoma, please understand, you will not be treated like you have been in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis.”
President Trump

“He is a liar.”
President Trump referring to John Bolton, a former senior adviser who has written a new book describing Trump as easily swayed by authoritarian leaders and often the subject of scorn among his own advisers

“Without police, there is chaos. Without law there is anarchy. And without safety there is catastrophe. We need leaders at every level of government who have the moral clarity to state these obvious facts.”
President Trump

“They hate me. They hate you. They hate rallies and it’s all because they hate the idea of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”
President Trump  in a fundraising email

“Peaceful protest in any cause is as American as apple pie, but what we saw in the wake of George Floyd’s murder is as despicable as anything recently seen in our nation. What makes it worse is the silence and seemly support in many quarters for anarchists who have highjacked the protests to promote their own ends. These are the white liberals and leftist groups like Antifa who could care less about the major problems that exist in black communities and made worse by the rioting and looting.”
Syndicated columnist Walter E. Williams

“I am on the old side of 70 and have had numerous contacts with police officers. Was even pulled over one day as a suspect in a bank robbery during my noon lunch time. Never has a police officer hurt me, hit me, cuffed me, tazed me, stepped on me, knelt on me, or shot me. Want to know why? Because I don’t act like an *******.

“If you choose to act out, spit at, fight, run, pull a knife, pull a gun, shoot at or try to run over a police officer, there will be consequences. Don’t like the consequences?….Don’t act like an *******. You got caught. Deal with it.”
Allen Coss of Milwaukee commenting on Facebook

“In my opinion, they were slaves, and because of that, they didn’t have to go out and earn any money, they didn’t have to do anything. Whoever owned them, took care of them, fed them, clothed them, worked them. They became dependent, and that dependency is still there. The Democrats right here who depend on the Black vote to get elected, they make them dependent on them.”
Lowndes County Supervisor Harry Sanders in Mississippi. Calls are increasing for Sanders  to either step down as supervisor board president or resign entirely amid  remarks he made to a local newspaper after voting against relocating a Confederate monument in front of the county courthouse. He is rejecting those calls, saying “I’m not going to stand and run from it; hell, it’s what I think.”

“Let’s give credit to the American people. We’re facing different crises today. But dealing with the greatest crisis is the best way to deal with the other ones. That greatest crisis is choosing the right path for the nation’s future. The candidate who conveys to voters a sense that America’s future will be defined by freedom, and a rule of law that respects the humanity of all and is carried out fairly and equally, is the candidate America’s majority will choose.”
Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education

“Governor Thompson is a statesman who offers the kind of leadership the UW System needs right now. I have witnessed his collaborative yet direct leadership style. He is perfectly suited to serve as interim president.”
Board of Regents President Andrew Petersen. The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents appointed former Gov. Tommy Thompson as the interim system president, following the collapse of a months-long search for a new leader.

“The University of Wisconsin System is the state’s most valuable asset, and I will be its biggest advocate and its toughest evaluator. No other institution in the state can do more to improve lives, communities, and Wisconsin’s economy.”
Tommy Thompson

“The creaky old pastime is fighting again, yowling about how there might not be a 2020 season, how the billionaire owners and millionaire players can’t come to terms on a deal to play a pandemic-shortened season. It wants us to yowl, too—demand that all parties come to the table and hash this dispute out. It wants us to get very, very, angry, and act like this is very, very important and very, very essential.

“But the danger isn’t public anger. It’s ambivalence. It’s whether there are enough people who care enough to care. To be clear: I care. I want baseball back. I want everything back. I want lazy summer doubleheaders and games on the radio…More important, I want baseball to keep going, so people who work in ballparks and team offices can keep their jobs.

“The danger is that the rest of the population, they’re moving on. They know what it’s like to not have baseball in their lives. We’ve spent these past few months making a whole lot of mac & cheese and gaining a whole lot of perspective. There are serious crises in this country—history-defining moments for public health, the economy, and equality and justice—and the absence of baseball just doesn’t rise to the top of the list of Most Important Things.”
Jason Gay, Wall Street Journal columnist


Law enforcement families face harassment, vandalism, and threats at home


This poll

Gov. Evers cancels all hunter safety courses


John Bolton’s new book


Racist Rice Krispies

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