Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Like father, like son? Not really

I’ve got some dots to connect, so follow along and please pay attention. Here we go.

Have I ever mentioned how amazing my wife is?

Well, probably not on this particular blog feature. But it’s so true. Jennifer is amazing, and inspiring, too!

For example, during the pandemic she came across and shared with me a Facebook page that was perfect for people cooped up…all around the world.

“This group has been created to connect people from all around the World during these tough times. Every day, through our windows, we have the same view. Take a photo! only one. LET’S SHARE IT! Should you see the rooftop of your town, overview a parc, your tiny garden, see buildings, the ocean or a tiny street, our idea is for you to share the atmosphere of your daily Life, from BEHIND YOUR WINDOW, where you live during Covid19 lockdown. The project ‘View from my window’, which was launched by Barbara Duriau on the 22 March, is a non-profit group, with the collaboration of volunteers.”

Here’s a recent submission (by the way the site is so immensely popular it no longer is accepting new group members) from central New Jersey.

Keep that in mind as we move closer to this week’s oldie and connect those dots.

More info related to the oldie from USA TODAY:

The summer solstice – the exact moment when the sun is at its highest point in the sky each year – is at 5:44 p.m. EDT June 20 (4:44 pm Saturday June 20 Wisconsin time). This marks the beginning of astronomical summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Are you keeping track?

How about this clue?

A legend.

Jerry Lewis had children, including…

The band enjoyed top 10 songs such as Save Your Heart For Me, Everybody Loves A Clown, She’s Just My Style, Sure Gonna Miss Her, and many more.

In 1965 Gary was Cash Box magazine’s “Male Vocalist of the Year”, winning the honor over other nominees Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. He was the first and only artist during the 1960’s to have his first seven releases reach Billboard magazine’s Top 10 on the Hot 100 chart.

OK. Dots. Let’s connect.


Outside the window.

Summer is like, just about here.

Legendary comedian.

Legendary comedian’s son.

Popular recording artist.

We’ve added it all up.

This went to #8 on the Billboard chart in 1966. Listen closely in between your dancing,  finger snapping or toe-tapping.


One more!

They sounded so nice gonna do them twice!

This went to #3!

In its infinite wisdom, the military, a la Elvis, drafted Gary Lewis  from 1967 to 1969 into the United States Army, thus depriving the US from millions of income tax revenue dollars. During his two years of service, Lewis spent two months at the Saigon Airport during the Vietnam War, and the remainder of the time in South Korea. Gary has witnessed the deaths of two close friends and, like many returnees, suffered from the trauma for years.

When he was released his once skyrocketing career took off again.


Bobby Lewis died April 28 after contracting pneumonia. He was 95.

A song Lewis co-wrote  about being restless with insomnia went big in 1961. The record  hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on July 10 of that year, staying at the top spot for seven weeks,  an unusually long reign in the chart’s early history. It was used in the the movies American Graffiti (1973) and Animal House (1978). Of course, he sang it in oldie concerts everywhere.

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