Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: “I just want your extra time and your…”

When I was a very young boy, not even 10 years old, I went through a very sad period.

I would drive with my Mom and Dad to what was then the old Milwaukee County General Hospital to visit my grandmother, Nana, who I loved deeply (She would pass away I think a few weeks later and I was an alter boy at her funeral).

Regulations prevented me from going up to her hospital room, even with parents. So I sat outside (it was during a warm weather time) on a concrete slab in the driveway the public buses would use (As a youngster I was fascinated by the local bus system).

To pass the time, I brought along my prized RCA Transistor radio in its light brown case, and listened  with an appropriate  volume to my favorite station, WRIT-AM, 1340 on the dial (WOKY-920 AM was the local ratings favorite).

I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I heard that song. Mid-60’s. No cable or Internet. The artists didn’t have quick exposure. If a magazine article came out, even about Elvis, you had to wait awhile to see it.

Great voice, I thought, as it blared I thought with a towering sound from my teeny tiny battery-driven transistor. Even at that age, having been exposed to music from my parents and brother, not to mention TV and radio, I fancied this prepubescent kid as a music “expert.”

This new song, heard for the first time where the vocalist belted it out and a half told me he just had to be black. Of course that didn’t matter. I was hooked, hoping for the next time WRIT would play it .

Soon, on a Sunday night like most others back then, the family was watching the Ed Sullivan Show.

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Jones has sold over 100 million records with thirty-six Top 40 hits in the United Kingdom and nineteen in the United States.

Jennifer knows that in my view the quality of popular music officially died on January 1, 1980. Unlike my wife, I am NOT a fan of 80’s music, so I rarely post any in this blog. I’ll make an exception this week and dedicate this 1988 hit to Jennifer.

This is soooo 80’s.

No photo description available.

“Women and girls rule my world.”


So very cool.

Why Tom Jones this week?

Last Sunday he turned 80.

I’m still in a state of shock.


Jones is one of the judges on The Voice UK along with, Olly Murs and Meghan Trainor. Earlier this year…

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