Franklin schools work well with local police; let’s keep it that way

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It was bound to happen.

A group called The Black Educators Caucus MKE wants the Milwaukee Public Schools to sever its contracts with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Larry Miller, president of the Milwaukee school board, has scheduled a special meeting next Thursday to discuss the demand and also consider ending contracts with suppliers of security equipment such as metal detectors, facial recognition software or social media monitoring software.

“People think it’s radical to just cut all contracts with police,” said Angela Harris, chairwoman of the caucus and a first-grade teacher with MPS. “But we’ve been defunding education for years, and we’re just asking to put funding for schools back where it belongs.”

Similar calls to cut ties with local police have been made in other school districts.

Here in Franklin where we live the school district employs one School Resource Officer who has an office at Franklin High School. The cost is shared by the city and the school district. Franklin Police Auxiliary Officers are present at football and basketball games and other major events. The school district is to be commended for maintaining a solid working relationship with the Franklin Police and Franklin Fire Departments. We hope the relationship and the presence of a School Resource Officer continues. How does removing law enforcement increase school safety?

Police presence in schools has suddenly become a hotter topic with two definite sides to the argument.

The website Stateline has published a very good analysis of the issue. Please read the article here.

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