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Minneapolis neighbors

Jack Rico

Hannah Kim

Curtis Rogers



Drew Brees


“Let’s switch it up, y’all. Let’s switch it up. Do this peacefully, please. If I’m not over here messing up my community, then what are you all doing? You all are doing nothing. Because that’s not going to bring my brother back at all.”
Terrence Floyd, brother of George Floyd

“When you block law enforcement from allowing fire services to get to a home that has caught on fire, you are not inspiring change. When you knock out windows of businesses that had nothing to do with this, you are not inspiring change. That’s an insult to the cause.”
Richmond VA Mayor Levar Stoney. Rioters intentionally set a home on fire with a child inside of it. The rioters then used vehicles to block firefighters from reaching the home.

“No arrest at that scene was for a violent act, nor even for the sort of property crime that some media outlets are focusing on more than the loss of life at the core of this protest. No crimes were stopped. Nobody was protected. Every arrest at that scene was primarily for a curfew violation – for merely existing in a space which many of us were forced into by a line of police in riot gear. And those arrests were brutal. The Milwaukee Police Department did not issue orders and then arrest people for failing to comply, but simply grabbed and tackled people, throwing them to the ground. I was among them. A curfew, and the disproportionate application of brutal force – in the midst of a protest against brutal force – is not the way forward.”
Milwaukee County Supervisor Ryan Clancy after being arrested at a protest this week

“Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been quelled. If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”
President Trump

“Law enforcement response is not going to work unless we dominate the streets.”
Attorney General William Barr

“Most of you are weak. It’s like a war. And we will end it fast. Be tough. You have to dominate. If you don’t dominate you’re wasting your time.”
President Trump scolding governors

“Nihilist criminals are simply out for loot and the thrill of destruction, with cadres of left-wing radicals like antifa infiltrating protest marches to exploit Floyd’s death for their own anarchic purposes. These rioters, if not subdued, not only will destroy the livelihoods of law-abiding citizens but will also take more innocent lives. Many poor communities that still bear scars from past upheavals will be set back still further. One thing above all else will restore order to our streets: an overwhelming show of force to disperse, detain and ultimately deter lawbreakers.”
Senator Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas

“I say thank you but no thank you.”
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo about Trump’s call to send military troops to the states

“Here’s where I’m confused. The peaceful Floyd protesters are met with open arms by city, state and the OpMedia. Protesters come and go as they please. Police chiefs can’t say enough about how inspiring the protesters are. And after all that love, I could swear I saw buildings burning and stores being looted.

“Armed lockdown protesters in Michigan that legally entered the capitol building were described by the media as ‘storming the capitol.’ While Floyd rally attendees who did storm a police station are ‘mostly peaceful.’

“The people who want to open the stores that looters loot feel the full weight of the law when they step out of line. While the peaceful protesters lay waste to downtowns across the nation.

“Here’s the real lesson for people who pay taxes. The moral cowards who compose our modern authorities specialize in arresting those they know won’t put up a fight. People like you.”
Michael Shannon,  commentator and public relations consultant, and author of “A Conservative Christian’s Guidebook for Living in Secular Times”

“OK, protesters. You won your battle. You stood up for justice and woke up the world to a problem that has existed for too long in our criminal justice system and needs to be solved ASAP. Now it’s time for you to do something else for the good of your country. Get off the streets. Go home before your peaceful protests do us any more harm.

“Then get rid of the Democrats who’ve been running – and wrecking – most of our biggest cities for the last half century. They’re the politicians who’ve failed to police their police for decades — not President Trump.”
Michael Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “Lessons My Father Taught Me: The Strength, Integrity, and Faith of Ronald Reagan” 

“If the left cared about blacks, leftists would work to raise blacks to universal academic standards, not lower and abolish standards as they have done for decades.

“If the left cared about blacks, leftists would work to elevate all people, including blacks, not only to universal academic standards but also to universal personal/moral standards. Perhaps the most obvious of these is that women should marry before having children, and men should stay in the lives of children they conceived — ideally as the husband of their mothers, but at least as a father, mentor and breadwinner.

“If the left cared about blacks, they would encourage a vibrant religious life in the inner city (and everywhere else, for that matter). What proportion of black (or nonblack) murderers had attended church the Sunday before they committed murder?

“If the left cared about blacks, leftists would increase — not lobby and demonstrate to decrease — police presence in black neighborhoods, where blacks are murdered, raped and beaten in the thousands each year by other blacks — almost never by whites, whether policemen or anyone else.”
Nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist Dennis Prager 


Scare people with a virus. Place them in quarantine. Count the number of dead every second of every day in every news headline. Close all businesses. 40,000,000 out of jobs. Peak unemployment. Remove entertainment: parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports. No dating. No touching. Mask people. Dehumanize them. Close temples and churches. Create a vacuum. Let depression and anxiety and desperation set in. Then… ignite hatred and civil war. Civil unrest. Empty the prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals. Send in Antifa to vandalize property as if they are freedom fighters. Undermine the law. Loot. Attack law enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down. We are all being baited by adversarial governments who want to destroy America – China, Iran, Russia. Have the Far Left abuse the racial wars to fuel the fires. And, in an election year, have Democrats blame all of it on the President.

This is what modern warfare looks like.
Comment seen on Facebook

“Gun control began with Democrats trying to control black Americans. Gun control today is Democrats trying to control all Americans. And that’s not going to happen. Buy guns and ammunition, because there can be no truly free people that is not also an armed people.”
Columnist Kurt Schlichter

“Imagine if former President Bush, as Trump’s most recent Republican predecessor, backed a Democrat. Bush’s voice has the singular power to reach moderate Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters, freeing them to walk away from the Party of Trump. If he announces he is voting for Biden, it will change some votes.”
FOX News analyst Juan Williams

“I’m fairly confident that he will be defeated, Mr. Trump will be defeated, in the election. And the next morning, a lot of Republicans will say, Trump? I don’t recognize the name. They’ll get over this fairly fast. Our parties are very durable. Our two parties have formulated the political competition in this country since the Republicans first ran a presidential ticket in 1856. The Republican party will survive. What the Republican party needs like we parents say when dealing with an intractable child, it needs a timeout, and I think they’re going to get one.”
In an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Wednesday, syndicated columnist George Will  said he hopes Trump loses because the Republican party needs a “time out”

“I believe this is a president who wears the full armor of God.”
37-year old Benjamin Horbowy. He and his family gathered in Tallahassee, Florida, to watch live as President Trump walked from the White House to St John’s Episcopal Church across Lafayette Park from the White House on Monday.

“The time has come and gone for us to continue with this idiotic charade of wearing masks in public. But if you really want to wear that mask, OK. Go ahead and wear it. It’s time to stop giving the stink-eye, or worse, a piece of your Karen mind, to people who aren’t impressed with your Mask Virtue and are breathing normally.

“It’s so bad that the roads are covered with morons driving alone with masks on. The only way to explain that idiocy is that those people have been convinced the mask is essentially an amulet that magically protects against contracting the virus. Here’s a quick reality check: magic amulets don’t work.

“But if you really want to wear a mask, again, fine. Go ahead and wear one. Do not mistreat your fellow citizens because they don’t want to. That makes you both obnoxious and stupid.”

Scott McKay is publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics


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