Franklin’s Civic Celebration isn’t canceled…yet

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This week Franklin’s Civic Celebration Commission voted 5-3 to cancel this year’s Independence Day festivities (Quite honestly I’m stunned almost half of the commission voted to go ahead and stage the activities).

Seems this wasn’t a “sky is falling” decision. An adequate number of volunteers is lacking. Not enough money for the parade. Ditto for fireworks, complicated by not being able to sell tickets.

The commission’s recommendation now goes to the full Common Council on June 16 where the celebration is almost certain to die. Why not? Everything else in America has been called off.

Too bad , especially when the Franklin Independence Day Celebration parade with all its cavernous gaps between units would be by far the best example of compliance with social distancing in the entire state.

4 thoughts on “Franklin’s Civic Celebration isn’t canceled…yet

  1. “Ditto for fireworks” ??? Are you telling us that Payne & Doyle (Quarry Blasters) are going to revoke their “grease” for Olson (free fireworks) that allows them to continue blasting at excessive levels that have been damaging foundations and indoor walls in their area? That oppressor will not allow this item to be brought up at council meetings. What a hump!


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