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Retirees at pirate radio station

Texas principal

Curtis Rogers

Jyoti Kumari


Minneapolis police officers

Minnesota State Patrol

Looters, vandals

The media: A Tale of Two Protests: Minnesota Rioters Vs. Anti-Lockdown Protesters


WI State Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Dallet

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham 

The governor of Michigan’s husband


“Please, please, please, I can’t breathe.”
George Floyd

“People are torn and hurt because they’re tired of seeing black men die constantly, over and over again. They took my brother’s life. He will never get that back. I will never see him again. My family will never see him again. These officers, they need to be arrested right now. They need to be arrested and held accountable about everything, because these people want justice right now. Justice is these guys need to be arrested, convicted of murder, and given the death penalty. They took my brother’s life. He will never get that back. I will never see him again. My family will never see him again. His kids will never see him again.”
Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother. George Floyd died in the custody of Minneapolis police. Video shows the arresting officer appearing to shove Floyd’s face into the pavement with his knee for at least seven minutes, His cries for help were ignored.

“While we generally avoid drawing conclusions on the videos of police encounters, this incident offers compelling evidence of what occurred… The actions of the Minneapolis officers were outrageous, deplorable, and revolting, and would not satisfy the use of force standards and best practices employed by law enforcement in Wisconsin. The outright abuse inflicted upon George Floyd not only failed to meet the legal and professional standards that require officers to exercise force reasonably, it desecrated the most basic notions of human decency.We seen no justification for the officers’ actions in this case, and they represent an affront to the core values and principles upon which the law enforcement profession is founded. This incident not only makes the job of every law enforcement officer more difficult, it makes that job more dangerous as well. It undoes the good work that officers do and the strides that law enforcement has made to strengthen its relationships with the public it serves.”
The executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA), Jim Palmer

“The horrific murder of George Floyd that America has witnessed is shocking, undefendable and unjustifiable. America witnessed a murder.”
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

“It is evident that if a member of law enforcement violates public trust anywhere in our nation, their actions impact law enforcement members everywhere.”
Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales called Floyd’s death “tragic” and “serious”

“It’s inconvenient from a societal standpoint, from an economic standpoint to go through this,” (Dr. Anthony) Fauci stated at the end of March. How come he is so understated when it comes to compassion for the people whose lives have been wrecked by his policies but so demonstrative when trying to scare the American people?
From Dr. Rand Paul, a physician, a Republican who represents Kentucky in the U.S. Senate, and Rep. Andy Biggs, a Republican, who represents Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives

“I am not an anti-vaxxer. To get a COVID-19 vaccine within a year or two … causes me to fear that it won’t be widely tested as to side effects.”
Melanie Dries, 56, of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Only about half of Americans say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine if the scientists working furiously to create one succeed, according to a new poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

“I would not want people to think that we’re cutting corners because that would be a big mistake. I think this is an effort to try to achieve efficiencies, but not to sacrifice rigor. Definitely the worst thing that could happen is if we rush through a vaccine that turns out to have significant side effects.”
Dr. Francis Collins, who directs the National Institutes of Health, insists safety is the top priority. The NIH is creating a master plan for testing the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates in tens of thousands of people, to prove if they really work and also if they’re safe.

“I’m definitely going to get it. As a father who takes care of his family, I think … it’s important for me to get vaccinated as soon as it’s available to better protect my family.”
Brandon Grimes, 35, of Austin, Texas

“What I was saying was, I was asked 11 questions as to why churches would be allowed to reopen. It was a bit peculiar to be asked these 11 questions in a row. And for the onus and the focus solely to be on why churches are essential, I’ve never been asked why liquor stores was essential. So I was merely pointing that out. And to the point about questioning the journalists and asking why they’re asking certain questions, I field hundreds of questions a day. Journalists are not above being questioned themselves. Journalism is a great and noble profession, but there’s been a dearth of journalists asking the real questions for President Obama, the criminal leak of Michael Flynn’s identity, who leaked that identity, the dossier which was used to launch a three-year investigation into this president and spy on his campaign. Why aren’t those questions being asked? It’s journalistic malpractice not to ask those questions.”
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pushed back on criticism after she took issue with the number of questions she received at a press briefing about churches being considered essential

“Although the sense of the importance of religion is still quite strong in America, it has weakened. With that weakening, we’re seeing a weakening of behaviors that keep a nation strong: record lows in the rate of marriage and the number of children born.

“Also, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 45% say that the coronavirus crisis has had a negative impact on their mental health. This could be tied to a weakening of faith.

“Leadership is about staking out principles and standing by them. President Trump ran for president to ‘Make America Great Again.’ He is exercising leadership by declaring religion and church attendance essential to American greatness.

“The president is right to defend the constitutional protection of religious practice and to identify the freedom to worship as essential.”
Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and author of the new book “Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This is Good News for America”

“Barely five months before the most important presidential election of our lifetime, with the Supreme Court on the line, is no time to convert the election machinery of more than 100,000 election precincts to an unprecedented, untested system of any kind (mail-in ballots). Yet Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer seeks to send absentee ballot applications to 7.7 million people on an error-ridden list of potential voters.

“States can more easily manage the integrity of a small number of mail-in ballots compared with being overwhelmed by everyone, even illegal aliens, voting by mail.

“The costs are staggering, and states ask Congress to force taxpayers to foot the bill for this folly.

“Democrats even want unions to be allowed to collect ballots, but that would add unwanted intimidation of voters to the process. Unionized workers should be free from union coercion when they mark their ballots.

“Allowing votes to be mailed until Election Day means that counting ballots and declaring a winner may not occur until weeks later. The post office can take up to ten days to deliver a letter, particularly amid high volume, and in a close election the outcome could change when ballots are lost in the mail.”
John and Andy Schlafly are sons of Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) and lead the continuing Phyllis Schlafly Eagles organizations with writing and policy work

“Just imagine the apocalyptic response if Donald Trump stated that ‘if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Biden, then you ain’t white.'”
Ian G. Haworth is a political commentator and writer and the host of a daily podcast

“I’d sit for 15 minutes and cry because I missed my grandson, and I was convinced I was never going to see him again. And then I’d move on.”
Ema Martinez of Lubbock, Texas maintained a routine during her quarantine. For 15 minutes each day, she would throw herself a “pity party” and weep. At her home  Martinez used to watch her 3-year-old grandson, Hendrix, so often that he has his own bedroom for overnight visits. But after Martinez, who suffers from chronic leukemia, decided she had to quarantine alone to protect herself, the room sat empty and silent.

“Some players like Steve Nash used to lick his hands. Some people still have that in their routine. Some people wipe the sweat off their face and put it on the ball. It’s going to be weird how they try to control it, because we have to touch each other. And then you have to worry about the family members that we may be touching.”
Bam Adebayo, NBA All-Star with the Miami Heat

“When that thing happened with (Rudy) Gobert and the (NBA’s Utah) Jazz, the whole sports world — maybe even the whole world — was like, ‘I got to take this serious.’ So we’re test-tube babies. That’s why it’s even that much more important that we take every precaution before we even think about coming back.”
Marcedes Lewis, Green Bay Packers tight end entering his 15th NFL season

“There have been many cycles, but this is the third wave, and this current wave, I have to tell you, is kicking my ass. For the last seven days, I have been virtually worthless, virtually useless. I haven’t left the house. I haven’t done much of anything except just try to rest and relax. Every day, I wake up and the first thing I do is thank God that I did. Just waking up is a blessing.”
69-year old radio host Rush Limbaugh, who is battling advanced lung cancer

“It’s an agonizing, terrible decision, but one that we felt was the right decision…what we struggled with here at the Wisconsin State Fair is how to put together a safe venue that everybody would feel secure, that we would know that we did everything right and doing everything right meant unfortunately we had to cancel.”
WI State Fair Park Board Chairman John Yingling on his decision to cancel the fair this year


Death of George Floyd in Minnesota

This is what the mask has turned into in America


Biden losing economic argument to Trump as U.S. begins to re-open


Cops do this all the time.


Worry, haste, retail therapy: What have we bought and why?

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