My Most Popular Blogs (05/25/20)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Today’s highly interesting read (05/18/20): Why the Lockdown Lost

2) Today’s highly interesting read (05/21/20): The Politics of Fear

3) “This is my deathbed confession”

4) MAGA sightings (05/17/20)

5) “Snookered” is one way to put it

6) The latest pro-life news (05/18/20)

7) For reopening, Franklin mayor insults some (actually many) residents

8) Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Woodstock, then and now

9) Your public broadcasting tax dollars at work: What if Hillary told Bill to take a hike?

10) Goodnight everyone, and have a here comes summer weekend!


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