For reopening, Franklin mayor insults some (actually many) residents

During the final two years of Franklin Mayor Steve Olson’s previous term I criticized him on numerous occasions on my blog. Even so, I enthusiastically supported him during his recent re-election campaign.

Still, I wondered how long my own honeymoon period with Olson would last, given that despite what some might believe, the two of us are not linked at the hip.

At tonight’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council a city health department official reported positive news to the council. As of today, 90 cases of the virus out of 894 have tested. That’s a measly 10%.

In Franklin, the rate of positivity which used to be 12-13% is now, as mentioned, 10%.

Despite that, Franklin Alderman Daniel Mayer, who was not at present at the meeting,  said the virus is still here and residents need to be vigilant. Mayor Olson made similar  comments later.

Olson complimented his health staff but…

Image may contain: text that says 'STOP'

His honor couldn’t smartly just stop there. He had to hit the send button with his mouth before thinking and stopping.

“Those who say open now, in my view, would have been very irresponsible.”

In mere seconds the mayor proceeded to insult hundreds, maybe thousands of his constituents. I know for a fact he insulted me.

This is a highly sensitive issue on two sides. And in an instant, he took a side.

One of the major flaws of Mayor Olson’s administration is his erroneous perception that the city can do no wrong. They are impervious to criticism. And thus, my bringing this up will get no traction with Olson. That’s OK. I’ll get over it.

Olson at tonight’s meeting contradicted himself.

Last Wednesday Franklin joined with other Milwaukee County suburbs to issue a collaborative order in reaction to the state Supreme Court ruling on the stay-at-home order. Here’s that information. Basically the suburbs were still shut down for about a week.

On his program last Thursday WISN’s Mark Belling said the order that was agreed to by the health directors of all the Milwaukee County suburbs was illegal. There was no public meeting. There was no public notice of any meeting. There was no public input. There was no action taken by elected officials. Belling has a point. He submitted the various unelected health officials acted essentially the way Andrea Palm did.

I’ve been around enough government stuff to know Belling was right. Olson knew it.

During his program Belling said he called Franklin Mayor Steve Olson and bawled him out. Olson responded saying Franklin was not going to enforce the suburbs’ order.

So Olson told a talk show host on a 500,000 watt radio station he would no longer enforce a stay at home order, period. But suddenly tonight at the council meeting, if anyone else supported the end of the order and the immediate reopening of the city,  they were “irresponsible.”

No apologies to the mayor. He insulted my family and many others. And once again, in an effort to suck up to a staff he considers perfect, he spoke before thinking.

In about six weeks since being re-elected, Olson has already disappointed.

3 thoughts on “For reopening, Franklin mayor insults some (actually many) residents

  1. That’s what happens when you re-elect a mayor like Olson that has shown his irresolute and vaccilating psyche to cover his a _ _ . You never would have seen Basil Ryan act like that!


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