Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: “Whop bop b-luma b-lop bam boom”

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We lost another rock legend.

Bill Flanagan of CBS put together a nice tribute.


Back in the 90’s I moonlighted working security backstage at the Wisconsin State Fair. I got hooked into the job when I had press credentials, and some of the backstage people whom I’d known for a long, long time asked if I would put on a bright yellow Security shirt and give them a hand.

Here’s one of those backstage security memories from a blog I wrote in 2007.


“I’m not going on. No. Hear me and understand, Little Richard is not going on.”

The man who gave us Long Tall Sally and Lucille refused to get out of his limo and take the stage until he was paid. Apparently State Fair management pays their acts after the show is completed. Little Richard would have none of that, and he was serious.

After awhile, the State Fair brass got together and presented Little Richard a check.

With a holler of WOOOOOOO!!! Little Richard in his white flowing outfit jumped out of the limo and began his show, even inviting audience members onstage to dance, a practice normally frowned upon by management and security.

To this day, rumor is the check was a bouncer, and that the REAL check was given to Little Richard after he was done performing.


A Little Richard influence. September of 1956. Little Richard’s song was performed in front of 60 million people watching on TV.


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