Today’s highly interesting read (05/14/20): WWII vs COVID-19

No photo description available.Teaneck Theater 1942

Today’s read is from longtime journalist Jeff Greenfield who compares the climate during WWII to that of today’s shutdown. A Lefty, Greenfield can’t help but take a closing jab at President Trump. But the distinctions he cites are compelling. Here’s an excerpt:

The contrast between the public energy of wartime America and today’s nation in lockdown—with shuttered schools, theaters, restaurants, shops, and offices—could not be more striking. True, we have other ways of connecting, and thanks to online video chats, some are now closer to their far-flung relatives than before. But that’s far from the sense of collective spirit that animated society during WWII—or, for that matter, after more recent crises like 9/11. In fact it’s almost the opposite: Togetherness is impossible, even banned, and an already atomized America has retreated to tiny family and friend groups, cut off from even basic expressions of community life like church, or parades, or voting in person. At the most basic level, the war has pulled us apart.

Read his entire column here.


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