Is Franklin suddenly now re-opened?

Earlier today I wrote that Franklin joined with other Milwaukee County suburbs to issue a collaborative order in reaction to the state Supreme Court ruling on the stay-at-home order. Here’s that information. Basically the suburbs are still shut down for about a week.

The order came last night. On his program today WISN’s Mark Belling said the order that was agreed to by the health directors of all the Milwaukee County suburbs was illegal. There was no public meeting. There was no public notice of any meeting. There was no public input. There was no action taken by elected officials. Belling has a point. He submitted the various unelected health officials acted essentially the way Andrea Palm did.

During his program Belling said he called Franklin Mayor Steve Olson and bawled him out. Olson responded saying Franklin was not going to enforce the suburbs’ order.

Point After Pub and Grille? Umbrella Bar?

2 thoughts on “Is Franklin suddenly now re-opened?

  1. WISN’s hosts have really been leading the charge on getting things moving. With his radio presence, Belling has certainly been the most aggressive and influential of them. There is still a lot needing to be done.


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