Go to Kayla’s Playground in Franklin Friday

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On Friday morning clouds will eventually move out to a partly cloudy afternoon and a high of 74.


An extremely reliable source tells me the playground will be wide open. No threat of any repercussions.

Kayla’s Playground at Franklin Woods was a mission of Kayla’s Krew–the Krew that worked wholeheartedly with the City of Franklin to build an all-accessible, all-inclusive playground in Franklin to be inspiring and truly all-accessible for all children and families of any age and ability.  Their vision is “to enable all who have special needs to forget about the challenges that they are presented with daily while teaching others the value of friendship and compassion.  To foster life lessons that cannot be taught out of a textbook but rather experienced first hand and with the heart”.  The passion and drive behind their mission and vision is to remember and honor the life of Kayla Runte, a special little girl who had cerebral palsy but whose long eyelashes and bright eyes expressed her every emotion without her ever speaking a word and taught life lessons to many, the young and the old.  Her spirit continues and will forever touch the lives of those who know her story.  Kayla’s Krew’s mission and vision for “Kayla’s Playground” came to fruition as Kayla’s Playground was built through a Community-Build September 22nd-27th, 2015 and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held October 9, 2015.

If you visit, please be courteous and clean and sanitize after yourselves.

Squeamish about this entire idea? Stay home.

Otherwise, consider a beautiful opportunity to head out, relax, and be free!

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