‘Got to give the people what they want’

As I read and read and read on a daily basis the following caught my eye, not from a political writer, but from Dominic Green, Life & Arts editor of Spectator USA who proclaimed:

“The coronavirus shutdown is over by public demand. There are crowds of sunbathers in the parks of New York City and mobs on the steps of the statehouses. Pedestrian and road traffic are rising and businesses are defying orders by informally reopening. The people are speaking — the people who used to work on a hand-to-mouth economy, the people who cannot afford to stay indoors indefinitely, the people who cannot be bothered to stay in when the sun comes out.

“The people are calling the bluff of their elected leaders and unelected experts, first in the parks and on the beaches, next in the shops and offices. We are already seeing civil disobedience on a barely containable scale. It will only accelerate as the sun comes out, the debts pile up and the curve of the death rate flattens.”

Green is right. No matter the order in place, the crowds have been released, if not officially. They’re out to shouts of joy, or to ridiculous, foolish accusations they want people to die.

Green is also wrong. No shutdown, not a one is over. Rules and regulations remain in effect. Businesses remain closed for onlookers to watch slowly die. Shutdown over? Try no way, bozo. Green also wrote:

“The task of democratic government is to give the people what they want, good and hard, but the people are issuing contradictory orders.”

Yes, contradictory. Open up! No, keep everything closed!

“The task of democratic government is to give the people what they want…”

Since when?


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