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The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then it’s DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors.

TODAY:  Mostly cloudy. High of 74.  “A”

:  Partly cloudy. High of 70.  “A”

Now, here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer, with this week’s main blog.

It seems like every other commercial these days is about how we’re all feeling the mental & social effects of the current lock-down.  Perhaps if we weren’t constantly reminded of how miserable we feel, we wouldn’t be as miserable!  Honestly I’m not frazzled on a daily basis, but the TV and radio ads certainly stress me out!  But at the very least people’s feelings are recognized & validated.

There has also been much discussion about our pets and the extra attention they are receiving.  From advice about keeping them on a similar schedule to hilarious “groomed-at-home” photos, the internet is full of information & stories about this crazy time if you are a pet parent.

So not only are YOU anxious, chances are your dog is too.  Their routine has been disrupted; they are being walked far more than they are used to (or possibly far more than they even WANT to.)  Perhaps having young children in the house without any break is too much.  If tension is high and family arguments happen, certainly they hear it and pick up on it in their own way.  It’s well-documented that our pets are extremely in-tune with our moods, and this situation is anything but normal.  Humans can talk about it and use a multitude of coping mechanisms from cleaning to baking to working out to just extra long-distance communication with friends & extended family.  But what can our pets do?

Wait… are they worried too?  How would I even know?  It’s not like Fido goes to the freezer for Haagen Daz if he’s feeling low, or can binge Netflix.  True.  But there are signs, and many could easily be overlooked in my opinion.  So pay attention…  your pup might be telling you far more than you initially realized.  Look for subtle clues like extra grooming, and other hints.

Now I don’t mean to pile on any additional guilt, but do you live in the city?  Well, you may be causing your best fur friend even MORE anxiety.  I understand that you can’t just run out and buy a few acres in the country and retire from urban living.  But if you’re a metro dweller, there could certainly be an additional layer of uneasiness for your pet.

Well dear readers, I’m sorry that today’s blog wasn’t my usual tail-wagging, Frisbee-catching, rolling-in-the-grass kind of fun I usually provide.  Under the current circumstances, it was a necessary topic.  Now finish reading the rest of The Barking Lot and go give your buddy a belly rub!
—-Jennifer Fischer

Thanks Jennifer!

Time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week.

A pug in North Carolina may be the first dog in US to test positive for coronavirus.

DNR investigating more dog poisonings in northern Wisconsin.

Adoptions, fosters empty shelter cages during COVID-19 crisis, but there will always be homeless pets.

‘Canine surveillance’: How Labrador retrievers are being trained to sniff out coronavirus cases.

Screening dogs at airports are ineffective.

‘Good dog, Riley.’ How we decided to end his suffering and say goodbye to the first member of our family.

Coronavirus effect: Too much exercise?

They are The Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2019. Before you click, care to guess?



A Real Dog, Or A Painting Of One? Either Way, It Gives You Paws.

And congratulations to Franklin Mayor Steve Olson who got a new dog this week.

Image may contain: dog

That’s Mia, a sweet little 3# piebald (lilac/white) female dachshund!

We close as we always do with our closing video and we’ve got a dog bowl full of ’em.


Next, three weeks ago on The Barking Lot we shared this photo:

Sheri Franklin distributes treats to her dog guests. Franklin’s dog, Trolli, is at front of the snack line. Franklin takes care of eight dogs while waiting for foster parents to take them in during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesica Prado / San Francisco Public PressSherri Franklin, founder of the senior dog rescue shelter Muttville in San Francisco, distributes treats to her dog guests. Franklin’s dog, Trolli, is at front of the snack line. Franklin takes care of eight dogs while waiting for foster parents to take them in during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Yesica Prado / San Francisco Public Press

This week Franklin was featured in a report on CNN. You can watch the video in this article.

Now, some humor from CBS News.

FINALLY, Sparky is a 5-year old mini bull terrier that lives with his owner in Bresca, Italy. Sparky is not a fan of walking.

“Sparky is a lazy boy,” said Silvio Siamo. “He likes to stay with the family and be cuddled.”
Walks with Sparky end up with Sparky just giving up.

That’s it for this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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See ya, BARK, next Saturday morning!

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