My Most Popular Blogs – The month of April 2020

Here are my most popular blogs from the month of March 2020:

1) “Enough is enough” – My state Senator calls for the head of Gov. Evers’ Health Secretary

2) Wisconsin photo of the year so far?

3) Today’s highly interesting read (04/21/20): Leftists Don’t Want The Shutdown To End Because They Are Living Out Their Wildest Dreams

4) Churches in WI did not have to be closed today

5) Trump takes Gov. Evers and WI Dems to the woodshed

6) Today’s highly interesting read (04/27/20): Assuming a fetal position and failing to live one’s life

7) Gov. Evers has created a police state

8) Gov. Evers, let them play

9) Vote Steve Olson for Franklin Mayor: His former recalled opponent is flawed

10) Damn Franklin’s Steve Taylor!



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