Today’s highly interesting read (04/27/20): Assuming a fetal position and failing to live one’s life


A counter protester at last Friday’s rally voicing opposition to Gov. Evers’ extension of his stay-at-home order. The photo was taken by the Milwaukee Independent that reported the rally with this headline:

Trump supporters stage rally in Madison to promote their right to die and get everyone sick with COVID-19


The website wrote:

To the individuals who gathered in Madison, Wisconsin on April 24 in protest of the state’s “Safer at Home” order, can we now say what has long been suspected? You never really were “Pro-Life,” were you?

We suspected that you were not really burdened to protect humanity, as you cheered while families were separated at the border, as you ignored yet another bloody school shooting, as you applauded the dismantling of our healthcare system, as you turned away exhausted refugees, as you laughed during his anti-immigrant rally rants. We figured that outside of gun owners and white embryos, that you really were not in this to defend the living.

For all your wild histrionics and your raw-throated rally cries and your garment-rending sermons and all your impassioned social media posts about the sanctity of life, here you are in the middle of a raging pandemic, packed together like lemmings, ignoring distancing of any kind, harassing essential workers, and demanding to be allowed to infect yourselves and others — while without a trace of irony, screaming “My body, my choice!”

You are complaining about your greying roots and your cabin fever and your bored kids, while 55,000 Americans have died, three quarters of a million are sick, and thousands are currently battling to win a fight for their lives, flanked by the very selfless caregivers whose work you are actively undoing. Would you think that is a little ridiculous, as a supposed pro-life human being?

Typical wild, outrageous furor from the Left. Shall we proceed to the other side?

This is in my view the best column written since the coronavirus broke out. It is the quintessential response by folks who are completely fed up, not only with the lockdowns, but with those who would condemn the shutdown opponents.

The author is Jonathan Ashbach,  a PhD student in politics at Hillsdale College. He holds an MA in christian apologetics from Biola University and a BA in politics and economics from Humboldt State University. Jonathan has worked in the hospitality industry and as assistant editor for the Humboldt Economic Index.

OK. He’s bright. Extremely bright. Here’s an excerpt from his exceptionally written, thoughtful column before I link to the entire  piece which if you don’t read in its entirety, trust me, you will be missing out, big time. It’s a gem, totally fights back and outclasses and out-analyzes the crowd that loves the clamping down of our liberties, no matter what.

In many quarters you will meet at best the dismissive retort that one can’t measure lives against the economy and at worst with the accusation that you are a selfish &^%$# who values your freedom over others’ wellbeing.

Now, there is a kernel of insight in this response. What is disheartening, on the other hand, is the intense poverty of moral vision that the response reveals. It takes for granted the moral irrelevance of work, study, human interaction, sightseeing, dating, going to the gym, attending sacred services, and all of the million and one things that the current restrictions have largely put on hold.

It is not true that those who value the plethora of activities that make up human life are prioritizing selfishness over the real wellbeing of the nation. Exactly the contrary. Months of people’s lives are slipping away forever. It is those who dismiss who devalue the human.

Oh there’s more. A skillfully surgically written takedown, right here. Please take a few minutes to read it all. It’s that good.

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