Week-ends (04/25/20)

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Postal carriers, delivery workers

Quinn Callander

Ernie Andrus


The news media

Alfredo Perez de la Cruz


“I think this will make Evers respond. People of different backgrounds, races and cultures all want to get back to work. The flu can kill you but so can not eating.”
Cindy Warner of Milwaukee who attended a Friday rally at the state Capitol in Madison to protest Gov. Evers’ extension of his stay-at-home order

“I’m here to stand for balance, that all lives in Wisconsin matter. That we need to be open so the economy can function, so we can care for the sick people. Let us take personal responsibility, let us think about our fellow mankind and we will. But just being locked down, that has made a lot of people angry and causing push-back unnecessarily.”
Green Bay resident Tina Hollenbeck attended Friday’s rally

“You’re being told to sit down and shut up because your opinion doesn’t matter. You’re being told to listen to the professionals, but you know what, you shouldn’t ever stop questioning the professionals. They don’t live your life … they did not include you in this decision.”
Madison Elmer, one of the rally organizers, said those present want to make their own choice when it comes to taking safety precautions or closing their businesses, rather than have a government mandate

“I feel like our constitutional rights are being taken from us. And I’m just not willing anymore. What’s going to happen is going to happen.”
Dan Zierath, owner of Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub in Wauwatosa, was the first bar owner to publicly say he would be opening on May 1, in defiance of the governor’s stay-at-home order

“We’ve applied for all of the relief programs and we’ve received not a single cent. We’re just trying to keep the lights on and pay the few people who remain on staff that keeps us doing our curbside. … We don’t have a lot of extra money to restock our own inventory.”
Lydia Sobol, who owns the farm to-table restaurant Sobie’s in Oconomowoc with her husband, Mike, said they haven’t received any relief or funding yet. It could be months or even a year before they are “out of the weeds financially,” Sobol said.

“Purporting to act under color of State law, an unelected, unconfirmed cabinet secretary has laid claim to a suite of czar-like powers — unlimited in scope and indefinite in duration — over the people of Wisconsin. By the time the Secretary sees fit to lift her decree (be it in five weeks or eight months), many Wisconsinites will have lost their jobs, and many companies will have gone under, to say nothing of the Order’s countless other downstream societal effects. Our State will be in shambles.”
From a lawsuit filed by Republican leaders of the state Legislature against Democratic Gov. Tony Evers hoping to stop his administration from keeping businesses and schools closed through May in an effort to slow the spread of a deadly coronavirus. The GOP leaders are seeking to take away Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm’s ability to make unilateral decisions during public health emergencies and instead require her to gain their approval before taking action.

“People die every day because of this and the more we screw around with it, the more people die. Political power should not trump life. This is an extraordinary day unlike any other, frankly, I’ve ever witnessed as governor or even before I was governor. This is a power grab by the Legislative Republicans who are telling 4,600 plus in the state of Wisconsin who have contracted COVID-19 and the families of the 242 people who have died, we don’t care about you — we care about our political power.”
Gov. Tony Evers

“There’s a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be even more difficult than the one we just went through. We’re going to have the flu epidemic and the coronavirus epidemic at the same time.”
Centers for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield

“Of the 42,425 casualties nationally, 45% are in New York. Without New York, the national number would be 23,334. So total COVID-19 casualties in 49 of 50 states now total far less than our total annual auto casualties nationwide.

“Two conclusions jump out, and they are both consistent with President Donald Trump’s latest guidelines. First, local realities are so disparate that governors and local authorities must lead management of this crisis in their region. Second, the risks are far less than what was initially thought. We must adjust and prudently start opening our economy.”
Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education

“If you weren’t convinced that Democrats are crazy, insane and a danger to us all, I now have clear and irrefutable proof. It’s hydroxychloroquine. That’s the anti-malaria drug that has become a weapon in our arsenal to defeat coronavirus. The stories of its remarkable success in the battle versus this terrible, deadly pandemic are everywhere. They are no longer ‘anecdotal.’ This Trump-touted drug appears to be a miracle drug.

“… let me mention the latest Rasmussen poll, which shows that only 18 percent of Democrats would take hydroxychloroquine if they were sick with coronavirus. Folks, that’s just nuts. Democrats are suicidal. They not only don’t value human life; they don’t even value their own lives.”
Wayne Allyn Root, nationally syndicated conservative TV and radio host known as “the Capitalist Evangelist” and “the conservative warrior”

“We have to write off 2020. It’s already the year that didn’t happen. We’re not going to make any money because there are no revenues with TV and movies not getting made. Anyone who says that everything is not totally f****** is lying. Everything has changed in what we do.”
An unidentified Hollywood movie industry agent


As residents at two Milwaukee nursing homes contracted and died of coronavirus, administrators and local officials kept it to themselves


What Biden sexual assault?


Trump wants to delay the November election


Glowing dolphins

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