Today’s highly interesting read (04/22/20): WALLOWING IN PESSIMISM OVER CORONAVIRUS

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Love this column. It’s from Catholic League president Bill Donohue who discusses how the always unhappy, troubled Left is coping with the coronavirus. Here’s an excerpt followed by a link to the entire column.

The faithful do not despair. Secularists do. The faithful are also at home when they look to God for comfort. Secularists have no idea what this means.

It is for reasons like these that many studies have shown that those who believe in God are more likely to be optimistic than secularists. And in the case of secularists who are activists, typically in left-wing circles, pessimism is something they wallow in, always looking at the dark side.

“The Coronavirus Pandemic is Far From Over.” “The COVID-19 Death Undercount Is Scarier Than You Think.” The first article is from the Huffington Post and the second was published by the Daily Beast. To be sure, some medical experts might agree, but their conclusions would be data driven. In the case of left-wing pessimists, it is emblematic of their mindset. They bask in negativity.

Read it all right here.



One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (04/22/20): WALLOWING IN PESSIMISM OVER CORONAVIRUS

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