Yet another bad night for Franklin Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm

When the votes were counted for Franklin’s election recently Franklin Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm didn’t get her way.  Exercising bad judgment, she openly supported Basil Ryan, a disgraced, recalled former Franklin alderman for mayor. Ryan got his posterior handed to him in a one-sided defeat to incumbent Mayor Steve Olson.

Tonight the Franklin Common Council voted to elect the Common Council President. Wilhelm immediately nominated Alderman John Nelson who just happens to have also supported Basil Ryan, just like Wilhelm. I don’t know much about Nelson. But I do know that in his tenure on the council, he has been, and I’ll put this diplomatically, rather nondescript.

The current Common Council President, Alderman Mark Dandrea, was nominated by Alderman Mike Barber. Dandrea is a solid council member, and an ally of Mayor Olson’s. Clearly, a Nelson victory backed by Wilhelm would have thrown thumb tacks in Olson’s road to move Franklin forward. Wilhelm has been an Olson obstructionist for many years.

Dandrea won and kept his presidency on a vote of 4-2. Wilhelm lost, and that’s a win for the city.

3 thoughts on “Yet another bad night for Franklin Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm

  1. I wonder how many are interested in your opinions concerning the election in Franklin. They don’t mean a thing to me, especially your one-sided estimation of Dandrea. As my alderman, he has been useless, never responds to my questions and comments, and only once when he did, it was far after the fact when the deal was done. Thai is tantamount to a slap in the face.
    Being the “monkey on a chain” for Olson is also a serious drawback for someone on the council. He should go.


    • Well, Larry Christian, they must mean something to you. You read and comment on everyone.

      As for Dandrea, now you know how I feel about my worthless alderwoman. I’d rather have Dandrea than her any day. You’ve got differences with Dandrea, try to work them out respectfully. I did with Wilhelm for the longest time. Got nowhere. So I’m done with her. She just can’t get it through her thick ego why some refuse to kiss the ground she walks on.


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