Guest Blog: “This shutdown is really stupid”

Guest Blogger
Bob Dohnal

Corona Virus Pandemic

Challenging as it is, I have dealt with it for the last 50 years as an infectious diseases expert regarding 60,000 nursing home beds. This shutdown is really stupid for the long term as the suicides, the poverty deaths, and the 401ks that will get killed. The people without any money have to go on welfare for what?

Flattening the curve does little more than spread the deaths over a longer period of time till we get treatment or vaccine. Neither will come in time for this cycle.

We should have followed the path of S. Korea and Sweden. Spend all the money on the tough areas: nursing homes, New York, Harlem and concentrated areas and those with other problems. This goes on till we get herd immunity. Those susceptible will have gotten it as about 90% have had few symptoms or nothing. Research shows that this started early last year. This would save lots of deaths. For every one point in unemployment we get 10,000 more suicides, and then the poverty deaths the next ten years will be tough. Continuing this idiocy is crazy.

“Safer at Home” is great for everything: Stops crime, saves gas, auto deaths, robberies, all kinds of other expenses, but sad to say there is no substitute for “Freedom.” With the H1N1 epidemic we did not shut down anything. Measles, mumps, polio, all kinds of problems need to be solved, not stop life.

I did planning for 60,000 or so nursing home beds and that is where we must spend time and money plus leadership. First models said 2.2 million people in the US would die and I could believe if not for the stupidity. We must learn from this stupidity.

When 2.2 million were predicted I said it would be less than Swine Flu with the max of 60 million getting flu and 60,000 deaths. So why are we compounding the mess?

Bob Dohnal
Retired pharmacist
Wauwatosa, WI

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