Guest Blog: Political actions of Tony Evers

By Guest Blogger
Bob Dohnal
Wisconsin Conservative Digest


I have not shared this with lots of people but have caught Journal/Sentinel  political reporters Patrick Marley and Dan Bice with pants down again.

About 3 weeks out, inside polls of the Left showed Supreme Court candidate Jill Karofsky down 3-4 points so they got up $1.3 million to GOTV and ads for the Left wing nuts. Did not work.

So about 3-4 days out the Left was going batty as usual, screaming bloody murder about repression of votes as we had been pushing hard to GOTV by mail for 3 months.

So faced with their candidate getting crapped on, they yelled for new election in May/June when they hoped that they could do better. Their people were beating on Evers pretty hard to call off election, so he capitulated.

Evers looked like the village idiot going back and forth with each poll and the Journal/Sentinel jumped into the boat. Too bad only 3% of people look to newspapers for advice anymore. This is the best reason for never, ever changing election dates.  Evers did it purely for political reasons.

If tons of Wisconsinites died from Corona they would be called incidental if Karofsky won. The Left plays rough. GOP is Bambi and Thumper, wimps like Romney. This game is for blood but our guys want to be civil.  Civil my ass. This is for power for 25 years. Kelly was beating her bad.

So we at The Conservative Digest have tripled size, and reach almost all of the readers of the Conservative movement in Wisconsin since the Hagedorn win we helped pull out.

I write for my buddies, the proletariat, from Catholic grade school that pick up garbage, go duck hunting, drink beer, drive pickups, and cheer for the Pack, go bowling and fishing and not trust newspapers.That despite my spelling, syntax and grammar.

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