Culinary no-no #648


Once again this week we are suspending our usual format to provide important related information about the coronavirus.


031620_emptybarPhotos: Milwaukee Independent

From the business section of

As the U.S. economy staggers under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic and its attendant lockdowns, the hospitality sector is hemorrhaging jobs and revenue. Thousands of restaurants around the country have shuttered or curtailed operations under orders from state and local officials. In a recent survey of 5,000 restaurant operators, the National Restaurant Association found that 44 percent had temporarily closed their businesses, 3 percent had permanently closed, and 11 percent projected that they’d have to close for good within the next month. The association estimates that 3 million restaurant workers were laid off in the first three weeks of March—about one-fifth of the entire U.S. restaurant workforce. April will look even worse.

Read the entire article here.

ALSO: The farmworkers putting food on America’s tables are facing their own coronavirus crisis

More than a million farmworkers aren’t hunkered down at home…Their labor — in fields, orchards and packing plants — is keeping food on America’s tables. But workers and groups who represent them are sounding an alarm. Their warning: As the virus spreads, many farmworkers are living and working in conditions that put their health particularly at risk. And if outbreaks hit farmworker communities hard, they say, that could put the nation’s food supply at risk, too.

How safe is takeout?


Do you believe what this article said about Wisconsin? I don’t.

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