Week-ends (04/11/20)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


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“We re-run the model, basically, almost every night — and the new returns from different states are suggesting different peaks in different states, but at the national level we seem to be pretty much close to the peak.”
Dr. Chris Murray, the director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington — who created the model the White House is using to gauge the peak of coronavirus cases

“So every day we need to continue to do what we did yesterday, and the week before, and the week before that, because that’s what in the end is going to take us up across the peak and down the other side.”
Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus coordinator, said  the US had not yet reached its peak in cases

“We’re still capable and we’re still ready no matter what the threat. I wouldn’t want any mixed messages going out there to any adversaries that they can take advantage of an opportunity, if you will, at a time of crisis. That would be a terrible and tragic mistake if they thought that.”
Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley. With an aircraft carrier forced into port and staff at bases handling nuclear missiles hit by COVID-19, the US military wants rivals to understand: don’t test us, we have not been weakened.

“Mr. President, we hear from a lot of people who see these briefings as sort of ‘happy talk’ briefings.”
CNN’s Jim Acosta accused President Trump of engaging in “happy talk” during daily briefings on Wuhan coronavirus

“This is not happy talk. Maybe it’s happy talk for you. It’s not happy talk for me. We’re talking about death. We’re talking about the greatest economy in the world one day I have to close it off. And we did the right thing because maybe it would have been two million people died instead of whatever that final number will be. Which could be 60, 70, could 75, could be 55 [thousand]. Thousands of people have died. There’s nothing happy about it Jim. This is sad talk. These are the saddest news conference that I’ve ever had. I don’t like doing them, you know why? Because I’m talking about death. I’m talking about taking the greatest economy ever created. We had the greatest numbers we’ve ever had in almost every aspect of economics. There’s no happy talk Jim. This is the real deal and I’ve got to make the biggest decision of my life,” he continued in reference to opening the economy. “I’ve made a lot of big decisions in my life…this is by far the biggest decision of my life.”
President Trump responding to Acosta

I want to go on record and say we could be unnecessarily destroying our economy. COVID IS NOT AIRBORNE (droplets yes, airborne no). My GOD we’re over reacting.”
Michelle Litjens Vos, a conservative pundit and former state lawmaker, on her personal Facebook page

“Imagine playing Monopoly and being told you’re not allowed to take a turn while being stuck on the other player’s property. Meanwhile, the other player is allowed to keep playing and demand rent for every turn you are ordered to stay on that space. That’s what real life has become for most of us. We’re not allowed to earn an income, but the landlords demand rent, credit card interest continues accruing, and necessities still cost money. If one player isn’t allowed to play while the other is, the game is broken.”
Brian Dzyak of Northridge, CA, in a letter to the editor of the LA Times

“There’s a lot fewer opportunities for criminals to take advantage of. Most burglars, they wait for you to leave the house.”
Joe Giacalone, a former New York Police Department sergeant who now teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, as crime drops worldwide because of COVID19

“People died for my right to vote, so if I have to take a risk to vote that’s what I have to do.”
Michael Claus, 66, who was among several hundred people waiting in an early morning line to vote Tuesday at Milwaukee’s Riverside University High School

“I’m disgusted. I requested an absentee ballot almost three weeks ago and never got it. I have a father dying from lung disease and I have to risk my life and his just to exercise my right to vote.”
Milwaukee resident Jennifer Taff

“I don’t feel that I’m risking my life, but it’s definitely different. Everyone is properly practicing social distancing.”
James Grow, 33, of Milwaukee

“I think it went fine. I didn’t feel any threats or danger myself. It went very smooth. I think it took about three minutes.”
William Gilomen at the Hawthorne Library in Madison


Nurses, lauded for virus efforts, find their tires slashed

Father arrested for playing with daughter in park, citing coronavirus restrictions


Other than the city of Milwaukee voting went smoothly


Wisconsinites chose between risking their lives and voting


Leaf blower drama

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