Franklin election numbers as we know them, as of right now

Spring Election Update

Short statistical version:

1,879 voters successfully cast ballots on Election Day, April 7.

10,712 absentee ballots were issued.

As of 9 am on April 9, 10,023 absentee ballots have been received (which includes 1,751 ballots cast by voters who appeared in person to vote absentee from March 18 through April 3).

As of 9 am on April 9, 689 absentee ballots remain outstanding (not yet received by this office).  Absentee ballots postmarked no later than April 7 and received by 4 pm on April 13 will be still counted.

The City had 22,099 registered voters as of April 6.

Long detailed version:

The City, along with other Milwaukee County municipalities, uses voting machines that were able to be powered down without generating a results tape on election day.  The memory devices were transported to City Hall on election night by the Chief Inspector from each polling location and are now in a secure location, and tamper evident seals with unique serial numbers were placed on the voting equipment that was transported back to City Hall on election night from all polling locations by the Department of Public Works.  All ballots were placed in ballot bags by the poll workers and secured with tamper evident seals and serial numbers.  No ballots were allowed to be checked for write-ins, which is normally a process on election night that is conducted by the poll workers by manually viewing each ballot for write-ins before they are sealed in a ballot bag.  (There was one registered write-in candidate for County Executive and one for President; therefore, those votes cast for registered write-ins must be manually tallied.)

As voting equipment tapes were not generated or printed, poll workers were only able to provide numbers of voters.  Poll workers were not allowed to review ballots for write-ins, they were not able to finalize all documents normally required at the end of an election day, they were not able to print results tapes.

The Board of Canvassers will be reconvening after the deadline of 4 pm on April 13; however, keep in mind that with the current amount of 10,023 returned absentee ballots and the 1,879 ballots cast from Election Day, all reconciling procedures and documentation produced on Election Night will need to be completed on all 25 Wards, including the manual review of every ballot for write-ins.  With that being said, even though the Board of Canvassers will be reconvening after the deadline of 4 pm on April 13, it is anticipated that the required process will not be completed until late Tuesday, April 14 at the earliest, at which time results will be available.

Sandi Wesolowski

Director of Clerk Services/City Clerk

City of Franklin

9229 W. Loomis Road

Franklin WI 53132

Ph (414) 427-7503

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