WI advocate for victims of domestic violence urges “YES” vote on Marsy’s Law

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Teri Nicolai of Waterford is an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and other crimes. She survived an abduction and beating by her ex-husband in Racine County in 2004.

“He beat me with a bat, forced me into a garbage can and left me inside a freezing storage shed to die. It’s a miracle I survived.

“As a survivor, and as one of the many innocent people who have been forced to go through the court system through no fault of their own, I imagine all of the times invoking Marsy’s Law would have made a difference in my case. But I am most hopeful for what it can do to help others survivors in the future. I ask you to join me in standing up for crime victims — past, present and future — and cast a ‘yes’ vote on additional rights of crime victims when you mark your ballot this spring.”
That’s from a recent column she wrote in the WI State Journal that you can read here.

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