Trump takes Gov. Evers and WI Dems to the woodshed


At today’s daily news conference held by the White House on the coronavirus update President Trump was asked about today’s election in WI with reporters armed with the tale of long lines of people at risk. What about that State Supreme Court ruling?

TRUMP:  The Supreme Court, of course they were right because what the Democrats wanted, I supported Daniel Kelly, highly respected justice, and I supported him, he’s just a fantastic judge. And as soon as I endorsed him they (Dems) wanted to move the election. The Wisconsin Democrats say let’s move the election to two months later. They didn’t mind the election until I endorsed him (Kelly).  It was 15 minutes after I put out an endorsement they (Dems) said we have to move the election.

The other thing they wanted to do which was crazy is they wanted to at the end of the election they wanted to have one week for proxies to come in, or mail ballots. Now, mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country because they’re cheaters. They go and collect them. They’re fraudulent  in many cases. The mail ballots are corrupt in my opinion.

REPORTER: How does them (WI) holding this election line up with the social distancing recommendations that have come from your…

TRUMP:  Maybe you should ask the people… You have a Democrat in WI as Governor.  That’s his problem.

SAME REPORTER: Is it possible to socially distance when you’re voting…

TRUMP:  You have to speak with the Governor. What you should do is call the Governor of Wisconsin  and ask him that question.


Watch the pertinent video. The president takes a question about Wisconsin, then a couple of unrelated questions, and then more Wisconsin questions.

7 thoughts on “Trump takes Gov. Evers and WI Dems to the woodshed

  1. As a worker for the voting today, us workers,viewed a tape of protocol we,did. Sanitized, washed hands, voters were stood on a line 6ft apart of each other. They stated there name and address, stepped back,ID was checked and protocol, down the line and we were set up with a curbside if needed, went very well thank you. GOD BLESS AMERICA, IN GOD WE TRUST, IN JESUS NAME AMEN


  2. We voted today . May I say I was upset with Evers . But my community had their voting room all set up safe Pens were on the table spaced out so you only touched the one you pickup Aplexyglass shield was I front of the poll people you held up your photo ID They read back your name looked you up on the registry book the you stepped over to the poll person handing out your ballot under the plexiglass shield . You went into a voting booth . Completed your ballot then put it into the machine .Hand sanitizer was available . The whole process only took 5 minutes .


  3. I voted at the Village Hall. VERY well done! I checked in at a walk-up window, provided my id, which the poll worker examined without touching, then slid the register to sign. Since I followed my Senator’s advice (Patty Schachtner) and brought my own pen, I simply took it out and signed the book. They gave me a Q-tip to use on the touch screen (excellent idea!) and I walked over to the back door and waited my turn six feet or more from anyone else. Ny turn came abd I walked in to the machine, which was just inside the building. I voted, thanked the ladies and left. This actually went faster and smoother than previous elections. Our Village did it right!


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