I ask you please join me in sending a message to Franklin alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm

In one aspect when I go to the polls in person Tuesday (yes I’m doing that, so damn Tony Evers and his kind that would deny me that opportunity) I have no democracy where it counts the most. At the point where it touches me and my wife and daughter at the closest, the most personal, the most local. For Franklin alderman, or in this case, alderwoman.

My alderwoman, Kristen Wilhelm, just as she did in 2017, is running unopposed. She is guaranteed re-election. To me, that is sadly unfortunate. Some bow at the altar of Wilhelm. We unapologetically do not. She’s a horrible representative, and we are stuck with her another three years. That means more of the same. No respect. No serious consideration for our thoughts. No responses on e-mail.

Recently Wilhelm posted a comment directed at me on a totally biased, one-sided Facebook page run by a politically naive stooge that worships the very ground Wilhelm walks on.

Here’s part of what Wilhelm wrote, directed at yours truly yours:

During my 8.5 years of volunteering and service to our community, totally 20 years of attending meetings, I’ve not seen you at one.

Actually, I’ve been at a few. That’s not the point.

True. I don’t attend most meetings and have admitted such in the past because a) I generally have a commitment or b) I prefer family time to watching Wilhelm yammer on and on and on, and ultimately have my Common Council waste more of my tax money.

And so when I blog about what the Franklin Common Council does, I listen to the meetings on tape on the city’s official website, attributing quotes made by actual meetings where they actually said these things.

Ahh, but not good enough for the omnipotent Wilhelm who also wrote on Facebook:

“Without video, listening to the audio does not provide viewing rude body gestures or knowledge of the many people who email or wait for me after a meeting to express how they have no idea how I put up with it. “

Wilhelm is the victim, don’t you see. The victim of rude body gestures. She’s also complained online about eye-rolling.

OMG. Kristen is no Harry Truman.

But wait. She loves “the many people who email or wait for me after a meeting to express how they have no idea how I put up with it. ”

Hail the omnipotent Kristen! She is the greatest!

She goes on in her Facebook post directed at this highly conservative constituent of hers.

My job is to serve the majority and your opinions often fall outside of that, yet you expect your one household should receive a higher percentage of attention than the remaining 6000 I work hard to represent.

I plan to leave her vote BLANK in the section on the ballot Tuesday to send a message there are those who don’t support her and do not kiss her ring.

Here’s more from a 2017 blog on this very topic I wrote that rings true today:

Please, if you live in Kristen Wilhelm’s district and are as frustrated as I am at her complete lack of responsible leadership, pledge to leave her space on the ballot (she’s unopposed) blank.

She’s been my alderwoman for a ton of years. I rarely call on her for help or to suggest taking a stance on an issue. Whenever I do the answer from the uber-liberal Wilhelm to this conservative is forget you, take a hike.

I’m handed a huge helping of liberal condescension. I’m not the only person she represents. I’m not the only person’s views she needs to consider, I’ve been told. What the hell? No one else in Franklin shares the same view as me or my wife? Is she serious?

And here’s the topper why I can’t stand her in office. Kristen, you say you can’t understand why I feel the way I do. Hope I’m not writing or talking too fast for you.

Not only don’t you listen, not only don’t you care, but you arrogantly, yes arrogantly submit that we couldn’t possibly be as knowledgeable or smart as you are because you go to all the meetings and have access to all kinds of information the public doesn’t.  In other words, I or any other constituent couldn’t possibly be as intelligent as her.

Pardon me, Kristen, if I refuse to bow and kiss your ring.

Kristen got so upset that I blogged about her major shortcomings as my representative on the Common Council that she picked up her far-too-expensive cell phone and actually called the mayor, crying, demanding that he instruct me to stop.

Let’s keep this brief with a one-word assessment: Pathetic.


Look, we know Wilhelm is a shoo-in for re-election. She has her fans, and has fooled a lot of folks. But my vote is precious. No way I vote for her. No way. Please join me in keeping her spot on the ballot BLANK.

3 thoughts on “I ask you please join me in sending a message to Franklin alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm

    Here we go for the second time. You must be working for the old cabal and their former illegal smear campaign that was used against Basil Ryan in the past and now currently. It also looks like you have reserved the same smear treatment for Kristen Wilhelm because of your insatiable hate that seems to be a fatal attraction for you when it comes to politics and those who oppose your “incontrovertible views” and blowhard tactics. Clean up your act!

    NOTE: I still don’t see any of my posts that are in contention with your opinions… why??
    Don’t be a gutless phony!


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