Coronavirus hits Franklin assisted living facility

Wanted to send this important update prior to tonight’s (Common Council) meeting.

There is a small outbreak at Clifden Court – 4 residents positive, 1 staff member positive.  Today we learned that one of the residents has passed away and a second is also in grave condition at the moment.

I do not want to dwell on this statistic too much to take away from all of the good work the Health Department and by enlarge the community is doing to mitigate the spread of the illness. These individuals had a great deal of underlying medical conditions that made them more susceptible to contract the illness and to also have a negative outcome from the virus.

Current burden of illness on Franklin

  • Positive Tests: 20
    • Recovered individuals: 6
    • Deaths: 1
    • Currently under isolation orders: 13
  • Negative Tests: 152

Courtney Day, RN, BSN

Director of Health and Human Services/Health Officer

Franklin Health Department


The facility is located at 6771 S 68th Street

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus hits Franklin assisted living facility

  1. Clifden Court : How is the Corona virus making contact with these people? Where is the leak? There is obviously some shoddy management and poor infection control at these places.


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