Vote Steve Olson for Franklin Mayor: His former recalled opponent is flawed

The city of Franklin mayoral election is about honesty and integrity. The incumbent, Steve Olson, is being challenged by former Franklin alderman Basil Ryan who was recalled in 2003. He had briefly served from 2001.

Ryan as of late has been telling people he wasn’t recalled. That is a blatant lie.

Local well-known businessman Doug Milinovich posted this a week or two ago on a Franklin Facebook page:

Basil Ryan For Mayor of Franklin WI will you please address this. You on numerous occasions have stated you were NOT recalled as an alderman. Most recently on March 10th 2020 at approximately 12:05 cst you stated you were not recalled to me with two other individuals in the home. Yet a now supporter of yours Jay Sakwinski authored a letter that states this “I was one of the main people, along with Steve (Olson), involved in the recall that removed Basil Ryan as alderman.” So Basil is your supporter wrong so we have non factual information posted and still on this site or do you now admit you were recalled? This has been a long time bone of contention with many, this your opportunity to directly and simply answer a direct question. To me if you fail to answer the question I feel you are trying to hide something (my opinion).

Ryan didn’t immediately answer Milinovich’s easy inquiry.

The answer is and should have been an unequivocal ‘yes.’

Ryan Recall Cropped

Caught red-handed, Ryan has been telling residents in an attempt to downplay or cover up the election that it was an illegitimate recall.

How strange. Pete Kosovich went out and got the necessary petition signatures. An election was scheduled and conducted. People went to the polls. They voted. The local paper covered it. Ryan was bounced.

Ryan’s supporters who I contend dislike Olson far more than they like Ryan are in twist and deflect and divert mode, trying to take attention off the ousted candidate and place it instead on the local group that worked on Ryan’s successful recall. The group was forced to disband by Milwaukee County Court action. The district attorney’s office in Milwaukee reportedly filed civil, not criminal, but civil charges accusing the group and then-Treasurer James Seymer, son of Citizens for Responsible Government founding member Orville Seymer of Franklin, of filing a false registration statement and failing to accurately record how much money it collected and spent.

In other words, clerical errors. But to Ryan and his followers that somehow exonerates Ryan. Recall? What recall?

Olson was part of the recall group, but left when he decided to run for alderman in his district.

I’ve lived in Franklin since 1992 and remember the Basil Ryan days. After the recall, around 2005 people tell me, flyers were left with residents.  Here’s a copy sent to me by a Franklin resident: And there have been other issues you can find with a simple Internet search, like this little item.

Faced with these facts Olson opponents will probably just blast me, the messenger because, well, all they’ve got is they really can’t stand Olson.

The website says honesty and integrity are two of the most important qualities in a political candidate. Ryan has failed. Can’t even bring himself around to admitting he was recalled.

I’ve known Steve Olson for almost 25 years. He’s not always made me happy. But he’s a far more qualified choice than his flawed opponent.

5 thoughts on “Vote Steve Olson for Franklin Mayor: His former recalled opponent is flawed

  1. Smear Basil Ryan to your heart’s content. What he has done in his private life and the difficult situations he has found himself in have nothing to do with the superior abilities he has as a successful businessman and an unbiased and untouchable mayor to get our outrageous taxes lowered.

    No recall! A vote is one thing but it is not a “recall”, especially if it was illegal !
    This underhanded and conspiring cabal was forced to disband by Milwaukee County Court action. The district attorney’s office in Milwaukee filed civil charges against them. Their shame heightened when they used Treasurer James Seymer, son of Citizens for Responsible Government founding member Orville, as their scapegoat.

    It seems the past has little to do with electing a mayor as Tom Taylor when , in spite of his debased past actions, was elected mayor of Franklin. When he was serving with Milwaukee County he was part and parcel in conniving with the late Thomas Ament, and his cohorts that structured that “golden parachute” (outrageous pension salaries) for themselves and other cronies. The damage they caused can never be recouped.

    Remember: Voting for the incumbent who has done nothing to lower Franklin’s shameful property taxes will change NOTHING in the future..

    Note: Fischer: Do you have fairness and decency to post this rebuttal?


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