Today’s highly interesting read (03/31/20): Thanks to the coronavirus, my daughter now has America’s worst teacher

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Today’s read is from Raakhee Mirchandani who describes herself as “a writer, editor and hairspray enthusiast… also a proud Jersey girl, celebrity ghost writer, speech writer and mom to a fierce toddler who beat cancer before she could walk.”

She’s a big-time feminist, but like the blog title says, I found this interesting.

Here’s an excerpt:

In addition to experiencing the anxiety and uncertainty of the global pandemic, parents and caregivers have been tasked with the impossible role of educator, forced to squeeze more out of already overwhelming days. While learning to do their own jobs remotely, or still going to work at grocery stores, banks, hospitals and restaurants, they are also learning middle-school math and high-school English, navigating Google Classroom the first time and sorting through assigned work from teachers.

For Supriya Kelkar, a Michigan author and mother of three — a second grader, a kindergartner and a Montessori preschooler — navigating telelearning has been a challenge.

“My kids are fighting and losing their minds right now. I write this detailed schedule out every morning, they follow it for two hours, and then it’s a free-for-all where they are fighting with each other and I’m hiding in the pantry shoving cookies in my face,” laughed Kelkar, whose new book, “American as Paneer Pie,” comes out May 12. “I have gone through five boxes of Thin Mints myself, and I’m out of Thin Mints now and I’m very upset about it. That’s been my quarantine.”

There’s more. Please read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (03/31/20): Thanks to the coronavirus, my daughter now has America’s worst teacher

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