Franklin mayoral contest: Paid for by…???

Here in Franklin, city of about 36,000, we’ve got a mayoral race to be decided in April (if there is an election).  Current mayor Steve Olson who brings to the table a wealth (try a couple of decades) of experience, institutional knowledge, commitment, devotion and dedication is facing a challenger, Basil Ryan, who served as Franklin alderman between 2001 and 2003 until he was unceremoniously dumped by a huge margin in a recall election that disgraced Ryan, for sure.

Today our mailman dropped off a glossy, color lit piece promoting Ryan authored by a Franklin private citizen. Suffice to say the piece murdered Olson and glorified Ryan.

The piece typed that it was “Authorized by (the author).” And that’s well and good.

So now, who paid for it? You’ve seen a gazillion of these. The wording of “Paid for By” is always on there. Why? Because it’s the law. Any candidate running for as much as dog catcher realizes that. But it’s absent on this flyer.

My guess is the author got his blessing from Ryan to write and disseminate the lit piece. I also suspect Ryan may have financed the piece. That should have been noted on the mailer. It wasn’t.

Ryan ran for alderman, won, then ran for re-election and won in 2001, then lost the recall in 2003. He ran for mayor in 2008, 2014 and 2017, and lost every time.

Don’t you think he should know by now, almost 20 years later, how to send out a lawful flyer? Seems a simple requirement to abide by, especially if you want to instill faith that you can run the city.

Did Basil Ryan break state law?

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Franklin voters, please share with your friends and neighbors

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