Guest blog: VOTE!

Guest Blog
By Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Dems are Crooked:  What do we expect?  The Left will slice your throat for votes, in Milwaukee and Mad city.

Yet we are always unarmed against them.  They fight with guns, bombs and we have sling shots.  Ron Johnson tells me to “Be Civil.”  We use sticks against machine guns, then whine and cry when we get whipped.

They do not follow laws.  They know that even if they tell people to disobey the law their left wing judges will back them up.

We have given Mad country and Milwaukee County to the left for years while at the same time:

“The left has stolen the Dem party from the blue collar families in Wisconsin” yet we do not challenge them.

The south side is more than 60% Blue collar.

Journal Sentinel online has shown us that Wis. is 54% Blue collar and the biggest bunch is on southside.

They’re Reagan people, Trump people.  They love Tommy.

We can win there, and if we do, they cannot win.

Why should we cede them one million people?

The Mad city GOP Swamps say that’s why we run lots of ads to make up for lack of grassroots. But anyone ever running for office on south side will tell you that the area is handshaking personal touch territory.  Grassroots.

We leave the colleges alone when we could challenge them there.  Most kids go to college to get a job. The GOP is far better getting jobs while the left just wants more welfare.

In Milwaukee County the GOP on south side is nonexistent.

We spent 58 million dollars, yet lost to the worst candidate in history (Evers) because we left our base unguarded, here and in SW Wisconsin. The GOP has not effectively waged war on south side for decades.  We leave it to the Left to do doors, canvassing social media, phones etc. So we lost.

In the last 4 years we have fought lonely battle with little help from GOP, none for the Trump campaign.  We have run tons of events that have been successful and saturated the area with parts of Waukesha with emails, Facebook, tweets, phones etc. We have been successful yet we have used mostly our own money matched by some great people in donations and we thank them.

Now everyone we need you to follow Tommy and now Scott and work to GOTV by phones, doors, Facebook, Emails, mail cards etc. or they will steal this election and next fall. The future of the world is at stake and we need experienced good LEADERS to pick up the axes and use them.

It is fine to sue the bastards but much better to whip them at the polls by working and getting all Conservatives, Vets, Tea Party, Sportsmen, shooters, gunners, Business owners, and Trump team to the polls.

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest


It is essential that you vote in this April 7th spring election, regardless of the health emergency!!   The political opposition is filing lawsuits, issuing orders, and doing everything they can to suppress your vote and enhance their own supporters’ turnout.  Our people need to overcome these obstacles and GET OUT AND VOTE RIGHT NOW!

  1. Early in-person voting is alive and well in Wauwatosa.  You can go to City Hall during the day and some evenings, get a ballot, and vote right there.  The location is set up with extra precautions to accommodate the health emergency.
  2. You can request a mail-in ballot.  Note that you need to attach a copy of your ID, just like voting in person.  I assume you are already registered to vote but if not, you can still register by March 30 (that date has been extended).  If you vote by mail, DO IT EARLY!
  3. The regular in-person go-to-the-polls election is still scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th.  There will be extra precautions to accommodate the health emergency.  Be sure to watch the news and web sites for any changes in polling places, etc.  

County Clerks in Wisconsin (including Milwaukee County) have been making new announcements and issuing orders that change the voting rules and create a potential for confusion and vote fraud.  Also, some entities in Wisconsin are suing to close down or delay the regular in-person voting on April 7th.  The Republican Party of Wisconsin is challenging those orders and lawsuits in court.  It’s a fast-moving situation, so stay alert and follow the news.  The local daytime radio hosts on radio station WISN (AM 1130) are providing in-depth coverage of local election issues.

The April ballot is long and complicated.  If you’re not sure whom to vote for, give me a call and we can talk about it.  For sure, Justice Daniel Kelly is the conservative and well-balanced choice for Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court race is what is causing much of the opposition’s heartburn.  They seem determined to make it as difficult as possible to have a fair and honest election.  Let’s stand up and show them how it should be done!

Karen Albers, Chair
Wauwatosa Republicans

P.S.  If you’re scheduled to be an Election Inspector on April 7th, as I am, we are on the front line of this battle.  There shouldn’t be even a question of not showing up for work.  Health care workers are doing it every day.  A sign in front of St. Joseph Hospital’s parking structure this week reads, “Heroes work here.”

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