Can The Packing House Restaurant (and others) do it again?

It’s Friday. A Friday in Lent. That means…

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The above is from The Packing House on E. Layton Avenue near the airport. The restaurant made news last week when General Manager Chris Wiken made an impassioned plea for consumers to patronize struggling places like his. What happened last Friday night was more than Wiken could dream of.

“You had to see it to believe it” video showed block after block, cars by the hundred patiently waiting in line to snarf a Packing House fish fry, one of the very best, from their convenient drive-thru.

You don’t know about that drive-thru? Watch the Fox 6 video in this 2014 article.

Is it possible for The Packing House and other Friday fish fry hot spot to have a repeat performance today? They almost have to. Because a big Friday turnout is necessary to make up for the lack of customers the other six days of the week.  The paralyzing trend is happening nationwide.

  • According to Full-Service Restaurant News, during a 5-day period last week sales dropped on average 74%
  • QSR Automations compared visits for on-premises restaurants from 2019 to 2020. For 3/24/20 the decline in visits from one year ago is a whopping 77% in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney said, “The industry isn’t large enough for all restaurants to survive just on delivery, but they can survive for a matter of weeks potentially.”

So, do you have a Packing House road trip in mind?

WEDNESDAY through Lent & FRIDAY FISH FRY Drive-Thru  READY ON DEMAND $13.95 CASH ONLY ON FRIDAY. (CALL AHEAD all other menu items on Friday and pick up at Curbside Service sign) 

Or please visit the restaurant of your choice, during the week as well if you can.

Neighbor helping neighbor. Reaching out to those in need. We can do this, folks.

UPDATE: The Packing House had a similar turnout this week.


3 thoughts on “Can The Packing House Restaurant (and others) do it again?

  1. Have had two other meals from the Packing House already…our sandwiches were great…the Chicken Parmesan was excellent also…I recommend other day specials along with the great Friday fish fry…


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