Don’t tell the non-essentials they’re non-essential

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Gov. Evers through Andrea Palm, Secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, has issued a Safer At Home executive order. It states succinctly:

Non-essential business and operations must cease.

That would mean:

  • Fitness and exercise gyms
  • Hair salons/barber shops
  • Nail salons
  • Day spas
  • Tattoo parlors
  • Body art establishments
  • Tanning facilities

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Patrick J. Buchanan was a senior staff member and adviser to three Presidents and candidate for three presidential nominations. He’s currently a syndicated columnist and political analyst for television and radio news networks, and raises a compelling question:

Must we kill the economy to kill the virus?

“…during this shutdown, all ‘nonessential businesses’ are being closed and their workers sent home to shelter in place and to keep ‘social distance’ from friends and neighbors to minimize the risk of spreading this easily transmissible virus.

“Unfortunately, what is ‘nonessential’ to some — bars, restaurants, hotels, stores, cruise ships, tourist sites, shops, malls — are places of employment and indispensable sources of income for millions of other Americans.

‘Close the businesses where these Americans work and you terminate the paychecks on which they depend to pay the rent and buy the food and medicines they and their families need to shelter and live. And if the salaries and wages on which workers depend are cut off, how are these millions of newly unemployed supposed to live?

“How do those who follow the instructions of the president and governors to remain in their homes get their prescriptions filled and buy the food to feed their families?

“How long can the shutdown be sustained if the necessities of life for the unemployed and unpaid begin to run out? Is it necessary to create an economic and social crisis to solve the medical crisis?”

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