Franklin mayoral candidate takes unnecessary potshot

Here in Franklin there is a mayoral race to be decided in the April election (if there is one). Current mayor Steve Olson is seeking re-election against Basil Ryan on April 7th.  Ryan has run for mayor before, and lost. Maybe it’s because Ryan is a former disgraced recalled Franklin alderman.

Here’s  a look at a recent Ryan campaign piece, found on his Facebook page.

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Take a look at that first bullet point. It’s very strange to say the least.

When writing a campaign lit piece, if you’re going to list a series of bullet points as Ryan did then it’s smart strategy to go with your best from the very start. This effort doesn’t do that and fails.

Ryan asks potential voters to read his list of facts and ask yourself Why?

Right out of the chute Ryan mentions that Franklin’s business administrator (Mark  Luberda) and city planner (Joel Dietl) resigned in 2020. The implication is that Mayor Olson’s way of running the city somehow resulted in two key figures heading for the exit for good.

At the January 7, 2020, meeting of the Franklin Common Council proclamations were given to both Luberda and Dietl for their commendable service to the city.

In regard to Luberda, Mayor Olson specifically stated that he did an outstanding job for the city and its taxpayers. In his role as business administrator Luberda was driving 100 miles a day, sometimes leaving after midnight, only to turn around and drive back to Franklin for a 7:30 a.m. meeting.

Luberda left, not because of any falling out with Mayor Olson, but because he took a new position as the administrator for Walworth County,  a 20-minute commute of just a few miles.

As Olson said at the 1/7/20 meeting, Luberda was now going to be compensated by Walworth County “in a way we wish we could have.”

Joel Dietl left to take the position of Deputy Chief Land Use Planner at the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC).

Basil Ryan attended the 1/7/20 Franklin Common Council meeting and even spoke at it, complementing both Luberda and Dietl. But now in his desire to oust Olson is trying to make a campaign issue out of Luberda and Dietl leaving simply to do better for themselves and their families.

Earth to Basil Ryan: Workers leaving their jobs for better jobs is…normal. Happens all the time. But Ryan wants to be mayor so desperately this is the stuff he resorts to.

Negative campaigning has long been okay in my book for a long time, as long as it’s true. Ryan’s campaign literature bullet point #1 is disingenuous and not completely honest. Not a good practice if you want the top job in city government.


4 thoughts on “Franklin mayoral candidate takes unnecessary potshot


    Leave it to a small city and the small minded louts to resort to illegal machinations building a cabal for subversive attacks against Mr. Ryan for the sole purpose of smearing him. Already from his first campaign a fearful group of Ryan opponents created a conspiracy that was deemed illegal by the State and rightfully dissolved.

    This was an obvious ploy by the squalid power mongers in Franklin politics who wanted things to go toward THEIR best interests and in ways that would subsequently drive our taxes up to the point that Franklin has now earned the reputation of being a tax hell.

    Voters must have swallowed the hook deep and were blinded by what was happening – not even realizing that Ryan was attempting to lower their taxes and to save them money. They blindly followed the propaganda ballyhoo of the torpedo squad.

    Ryan’s gesture of altruism and forthrightness in the interest of Franklin taxpayers is always something that makes the crooked politicians grind their teeth when they see easy money slipping out of their grasps that could otherwise be used for grease to bolster votes and keep them in office.

    Shame on all of these mutts ! Franklin deserves what it gets.


    • You’ve done this in the past. Bloviating, painting a catastrophic political controversy when there is none. Basil Ryan was a crook and cheater. He was called out and the intelligent voters in his district, including me, felt he needed to be recalled and he was.

      You wrote in your comment that was soaked with hyperbole that “a fearful group of Ryan opponents created a conspiracy that was deemed illegal by the State and rightfully dissolved.”

      Not so fast.

      The recall group was forced to disband by court action, but because they created some conspiracy. The district attorney’s office in Milwaukee reportedly filed civil, not criminal, but civil charges accusing the group and then-Treasurer James Seymer, son of Citizens for Responsible Government founding member Orville Seymer of Franklin, of filing a false registration statement and failing to accurately record how much money it collected and spent.

      In other words, clerical errors. Clerical. Am I writing or talking too fast for you?

      Ryan is the king of negative campaigning and you have apparently fallen for it.

      If you reply have some facts to back up your wild and false assertions that make you look really foolish.


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