Scott Walker offers a prayer

Scott sent this e-mail:

Here is a prayer I wrote last Sunday for the National Day of Prayer declared by our President. I hope it offers you comfort during this time of stress.

Cherish time spent connecting with family and friends on the phone or by video. God be with you!

– Scott

Dear God,

We need you!

We need you now more than ever.

So many of us are afraid. We don’t know what to think and who to believe.

We need you.

Each day increases our worry; worry for ourselves, our families, our friends and for our nation. In fact, dear God, we worry for people all over the world.

We need you.

Blame and bickering abound. Calm voices of reason are hard to be found.

We need you.

The unknown is what frightens us the most. For so many of us, we’ve been blessed to live in a place and a country where we have few if any fears. Now we are scared of what comes next.

We need you.

For too long we’ve lived lives buried on our phones. Or eyes stuck on TV from morning ’til eve. We’ve lost sight of your Word. And the peace that only you can bring.

We need you.

Please bless our family and friends. Bless our neighbors – friend or foe. Guide our leaders at this time. Bring us together.

We need you.

Take our hand and draw us near as we battle with our fear. Help us find ways to reconnect with our family and friends. Help us to look out for our neighbors and co-workers and students. Most importantly, help us reconnect with you.

Lord, we need you.


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