My Franklin alderwoman is a twit, and proves it

That would be the omnipotent Kristen Wilhelm. Doesn’t communicate with our family who are constituents. Never votes the way we respectfully request. Addresses rudely on other chat sites.

She is, as Johnny Carson used to say, “to the left of mayonnaise” in a predominantly conservative aldermanic district.

Yes, she’s a twit as mentioned above. Offensive term. Not at all.

Twit means:












Yes she’s all of those!

Putting her voting record and ridiculous behavior at meetings aside (when she storms out when she doesn’t get her way and blames it on needing to drink some water), where she interminably speaks and in the process not only ruins any personal project she’s lobbying for but brings her character into question (Hey Kristen, how’s that deal you cooked up with the Boy Scouts doing for you?) she says stupid things.

On a recently debuted Franklin chat site, designed by the organizer who worships the very ground Wilhelm walks on, Wilhelm made one of the most bizarre comments possible since the coronavirus broke out.

A twit? Yes. Even worse, an alderwoman working to push a mayoral candidate who was a disgraced recalled Franklin alderman.

More on Wilhelm. Her ego is beyond descriptive proportions.

She posted in response to my wife on a very friendly Wilhelm Facebook page, aware that I don’t regularly attend Franklin Common Council meetings and listen to the tapes of the meetings instead on the city of Franklin website. Wilhlem comfortably wrote, knowing posted she’d get no criticism from the blind sheep dog that runs the site.

Without video, listening to the audio does not provide viewing rude body gestures or knowledge of the many people who email or wait for me after a meeting to express how they have no idea how I put up with it,” Wilhelm posted.

OMG Kristen, you are the greatest. How fortunate Franklin is to have you. That line of adorers for you at meetings must be out to the frickin’ parking lot. And dealing with eye rolling? You are a saint.

Now, about Wilhelm’s preposterous post about microwaving mail that had, I’m sure, her moonbat followers in absolute glee, the USPS offers this.

Kristen Wilhelm is running unopposed in April. My family, hard-working taxpayers, is stuck with her. For the next three years we will be ignored, voted against, and treated badly.

Good luck, Mayor Steve Olson. And when you win in April, keep putting this egotistical crybaby in her place.

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