Evers stomps on St. Patrick’s Day, small businesses

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Gov. Evers today banned gatherings of 50 people or more, requiring bars and restaurants to limit their patrons. Why couldn’t he have waited 24-48 hours?

From the Journal Sentinel:

In Milwaukee, venues like McBob’s and Flannery’s, and other Irish-themed bars, intend to make the best of St. Patrick’s Day.

“I hope people will understand that we’re trying to support our employees and support our community and work to keep business afloat,” said Steve Schmich, owner of McBob’s.

The Irish Pub has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day for over 30 years at the corner of North 49th Street and West North Avenue, but this year will be different. No band, no Irish dancers, and the bar will not see thousands of people through its door.

Schmich estimates that St. Patrick’s Day alone accounts for 5% to 7% of the bar’s revenue in an average year.

He already has what he needed to prepare for the day: 4,000 pounds of corned beef, 80 loaves of bread and 40 kegs of beer.

“We’re probably going to go through a quarter of that,” he said.

Stenger said after the virus is contained, the Tavern League of Wisconsin — a powerful lobbying group — will likely seek legislation that will help members recover significant financial losses expected during the closures. 

“These (businesses) are a vital part of our state’s economy and we have to make sure that if we see a temporary shutdown that we get the attention and focus that other pieces of the economy do because the folks that work for us, they don’t have  big bankroll they can tap into,” Stenger said. “This is a paycheck to paycheck industry.”

I wonder how they will enforce this on Tuesday. I do not apologize for hoping revelers storm their favorite March 17th places to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “Evers stomps on St. Patrick’s Day, small businesses

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