Culinary no-no #644


UPDATE: A reliable source in the industry tells me a total government shutdown of restaurants could come this week, only allowing to go and delivery.

This week we are suspending our usual format to provide important related information about the coronavirus.

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The following was posted by the Well Drive In (above) located in Winneconne, WI. The general manager is Jeff Weber.

As many of you know, I represent the restaurant industry in Wisconsin. The reality is, some of our smaller independent restaurants may not survive this crisis, which may not only affect the owner, but all the employees and the families they support. Restaurants run on very tight margins and even a small slowdown can put these businesses at risk.

These are very hardworking men and women whose businesses may very well be at risk as this crisis continues. Fear of the coronavirus is keeping people away from restaurants even though the industry has always been at the forefront of excellent sanitation practices. Every restaurant owner I know is taking extra measures to clean (and clean continually) every surface in their building. Remember, coronavirus is not a food-borne illness and you are at no greater risk of getting sick by eating food prepared at a restaurant.

Here are a number of things you can do:

• Go out to eat. Restaurants have always practiced good hygiene and are going to extraordinary measures to ensure your safety at their place of business. When you are there, talk to the owner, manager and your server. Verbally let them know that you support their business.

• Order take out – but order directly from the restaurant, not a 3rd party delivery company. And, consider going to the restaurant to pick it up, versus having it delivered. Most of the fees you pay support the delivery company – NOT the restaurant. Plus, you are assured that your food is safe and has been handled correctly when ordered directly from the restaurant.

• Purchase gift certificates to your favorite restaurants. Be sure to buy directly from the restaurant either in person or via their website. Buying from third party places such as the kiosks at grocery stores, means that the restaurant gets only a fraction of the sales.

• When things have settled down, treat yourself and use the certificate!

We are in extraordinary times and I urge everybody to be diligent and safe, while not panicking. This outbreak will eventually end and we want to make sure that your favorite restaurant is still here when that happens.

Please share this message and encourage everyone to go out and eat. You’ll be glad you did while supporting your local restaurants, neighbors and friends.

From the NY Times:

Cancellations, closings and a thinning out of tables may be just the beginning for a business based on social contact.


The restaurant industry has already been deeply affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Here are a few of their stories.


If you choose to eat out (or do takeout or delivery) from restaurants, be smart about it.


Are restaurants going to shut down? Experts explain the relative risks of dining out as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises.

3 thoughts on “Culinary no-no #644

  1. Great post and info, Kevin! Thanks very much for your support and for getting information like this our to the public. We (the Point After Pub & Grille in Franklin) have always exceeded health code requirements and we’ve doubled down on everything to further protect or guest and our staff during this unusual time!

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