Week-ends (02/29/20)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


The beer community

Allison Krueger

Mary Ann Wakfield


The shooter at Molson Coors in Milwaukee

The coronavirus

Gov. Evers

ABC News


“Earlier today, a wicked murderer opened fire at a Molson Coors brewing company plant, taking the lives of five people. Our hearts break for them and their loved ones. We send our condolences. We’ll be with them.”
President Trump speaking at a news conference

“This is a time for us to think about those families because there were five individuals who went to work today, just like everyone goes to work, and they thought they were going to go to work, finish their day and return to their families. They didn’t, and tragically they never will.”
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett after a gunman killed five people — and then himself — during a rampage Wednesday afternoon on the Milwaukee campus of Molson Coors

“The vile and heinous deadly violence that was perpetrated at the brewery complex today has no place in our society and makes no sense. The cold disregard for human lives and the lack of value for human life that was shown must be categorically denounced across Milwaukee, across Wisconsin and throughout our nation.”
Milwaukee Ald. Russell Stamper, whose district includes the Molson Coors brewery, offered condolences to the victims and their co-workers

“The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. This is their new hoax.”
President Trump at a rally in North Charleston, South Carolina

“At any given time, he’s attacking Israel, defending Cuban dictators, proposing to take away everyone’s private health insurance, announcing new programs which would cost $10 trillion to $70 trillion dollars, and explaining everything could be paid for by taxing the rich. In a Broadway play, you would cast Sanders as the comic interlude.

“Sanders can cite current polls that show him doing well against President Trump as much as he likes.

“Unfortunately for the Democrats, none of the current polls reflect detailed information about how radical and how unpopular his policies are. Sanders and democratic socialism do fine as a bumper sticker. However, when the Sanders program is explained in terms of the cost to people’s lives, it is a disaster.”
Newt Gingrich

“Obviously, we all wish he was sleeping in his own bed right now, but he appeared to be as healthy as possible, although his vital signs might not have been ideal, but he was trying to motivate me and passing the message along to the rest of the team to keep fighting for him.

“He’s been consistent from the day I met him about his innocence, and he’s still very forceful in proclaiming that ‘I didn’t sexually assault anyone and I didn’t rape anyone.”
New York defense attorney Arthur Aidala on Harvey Weinstein who was convicted of two felony counts — criminal sexual assault and third-degree rape — for attacking former production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006 and aspiring actress Jessica Mann in 2013.

“Lent is a time to give up useless words, gossip, rumors, tittle-tattle and speak to God on a first name basis. We live in an atmosphere polluted by too much verbal violence, too many offensive and harmful words, which are amplified by the internet. Today, people insult each other as if they were saying ‘Good Day.'”
Pope Francis added a modern twist to the list of things to quit during the season and beyond: insulting people on social media.


Molson Coors shootings

Gov. Evers’ veto of tax cut package

Video of girl cheerfully getting abortion


Molson Coors shooter, a likely Democrat, signed the Walker recall petition


Politicizing the Molson Coors tragedy


In New Hampshire, police chief takes his orders…literally




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