Good question, Alderman Steve Taylor

When we last checked in on the Franklin Common Council, Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm had her undies in a bundle, huffing and puffing as she stormed out of the meeting on February 17th when she didn’t get her way. You really need to click that link and read up  because no one else is reporting what happened.

Other important notes came out of that meeting including the school system’s role in all this. In essence, their is nothing, despite the fact the proposal involves an elementary school and hundreds of kids, all of whom we’re told are in dire jeopardy if an expensive road extension isn’t built, even though no one knows how it’ll be paid for. Minor detail in Franklin. Princess Wilhelm said we always have the money or can find it. You know exactly what that means.

Early in the meeting and before it got testy (and newsworthy jsonline and mysouthnow!) Mayor Steve Olson said he talked with District Administrator of Franklin Public Schools, Dr. Judith Mueller. Summarizing and paraphrasing the conversation, Olson said, “They (school district officials) believe the best use of their taxpayer dollars is to put towards educating our students rather than building roads.”

Alderman Steve Taylor followed with some on-point discussion that has received little or no attention.

“The school district is MIA on this issue,” said Taylor, adding the district never requested the project. Shouldn’t there be a partnership including developers, the city, and yes,  the school district Taylor wondered?

“This is their school. Where are they? Why aren’t they at the table?”

Someone should ask them, and they definitely owe answers.

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